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Friday, 15 January 2010

When politicians had balls and ASH were, well, the same as now

How things change. Back in 1990, parliamentarians frowned sternly on corrupt practices by ASH. Here is a video which illustrates it perfectly.

So what has changed? Well, nowadays government pays ASH, and nowadays their claims are left unquestioned.

Oh yeah, and nowadays our politicians don't possess the same spine as they did in 1990.


cfjc7 said...

A thoroughly enjoyable video, just watching that snake from ASH squirm was sheer bliss, these bastards had already grown too big for their nasty little boots back in 1990.

You of course are absolutely right...politicians had big balls then, unlike now!

Anonymous said...

My analysis is that between 1979 to 1997 the Tories were in power and were better informed. Since Labour got into power ASH and all their Guardian mates were lining up to put their nose in the trough, get on committees and be Labour sanctioned busy bodies. Of course they know each other.

For example I have found out that Amanda Sandford of ASH was a Green Party activist who is married to a non practicing solicitor. All adds up.

I believe (and know to a certain extent know) that the Tories won't be putting up with anymore of their nonsense and can only hope that they are put back in their box.

BTW I am very embarrassed that the Tories have not come out in favour of an amendment.

Dave Atherton

MarieC said...

A lot of water under the bridge since then, but oh boy isn't it just wonderful to watch the weasel swirm. They haven't changed their tactics, just got some dumpties to back them. If only,they had been totally trASHed there and then. We live in hope.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting to watch, loved the member telling off the bloke from Ash, and then later when he said he couldn't reveal the information that he was so eager for the members to see!

Although, I have to say that, if there were people on the committee who were being funded by tobacco companies, then isn't it right and proper that these people aren't there? The committee needs to appear to be a truly impartial one.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why this isn't working on You Tube any more? Surely ASH are not so all powerful that they can control the Web? Absolutely loved this. I am a non-smoker but I loath political extremists and watching this devious little turd squirm is a joy to behold.

TheBigYin said...

It's still on Youtube Anon:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Thanks Dick and John for the youtube link.

TheBigYin said...

Nothing gives us greatest pleasure in showing how corrupt that fake charity, ASH, really are Mandy.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi BigYin! Now days they all try to cut backroom deals. Everything is in secret.
I'm glad you post the truth.

Out here we're celebrating Scott Browns win.
HE WILL DERAIL the HORRIBLE Obama plan of healthcare and anything else! He's caused a TRAIN WRECK! We're very happy out here. I'm sure all the news sites will be showing it, I posted something the other day that talks about it. I'm glad you liked the victory video.

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