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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Respect for one's elders? Not under Labour

From BBC Wales.

A pub landlord getting ready to pull his last pint at the age of 87 claims changes to the trade in the last few years have left a bitter taste.

Frank Blake is calling time on his 30 years behind the bar at the Station Hotel in Gorseinon near Swansea.

"It's the elderly I feel sorry for," added Mr Blake who turns 88 next month.

"They used to come out and socialise, meet their friends and smoke their pipes. I miss all that."
Labour, you must be so proud. Let's hope you all rot in hell for ignorantly discarding those who made this country something to be proud of before you fucked it up.

That's all.


TheBigYin said...

"That's all."

That's too much DP, far too much. I dispair at my country that can do this!

Anonymous said...

No one is stopping people socialising! They are just not allowed to smoke!.. You would think someone had banned beer the way this blog goes on about smoking!! Save the Pubs, I'll go along with that, I don't want to save smokers though.. sorry.. Keep your smoke outside where it belongs. If I wanted smoke in a pub I'd bring my car in..

As for pensioners that smoke, there are a lot that don't smoke too..

I feel sorry that the pubs are closing, but there are other reasons too, not just the smoking ban, of course, you pro-smokers will say that it's just the smoking ban that is the ONLY reason.. you always do.. trotting out the same old same old every post!.. *yawn*

Dick Puddlecote said...

"you pro-smokers will say that it's just the smoking ban that is the ONLY reason"

Just like you anti-smokers insist a blanket ban is the ONLY solution, do you mean?

Were you spoilt as a kid?

Anonymous said...

Anon, no-one was stopping smoke-haters from investing their OWN money into smoke-free venues, were they.
I only go to pubs now if it is a party, so my social life has changed, along with many others.
What this government has allowed to happen is unforgivable, what they have done to the elderly smokers is EVIL!

Thank you for this article Dick.

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