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Thursday, 14 January 2010

What a stink-over pollution!

This a joy to behold folks, for the truth is finally starting to emerge - from the enironment people of all people!
We are used to being shunned as smokers, for we supposedly clog up the airways, turn people into 'walking stinkbombs', foul the air in pubs & clubs-oops, sorry, used to that should be!
We irritate by standing in doorways puffing away and of course the lone non smoker that invades the new clean air pub has to 'fight his way through' cumulous clouds of second hand smoke so that he can enjoy his nightly single pint - which of course saves the pub industry as a whole! (?)
We listen to all the garbage spouted by the oh so righteous 'it's a filthy habit' non smokers and think to ourselves "for God's sake when will you listen to US?"
Well now, courtesy of the Environment Agency (the tribe that watch smokers every move lest we 'pollute' the air) have delivered that which we have stated since day 1.

21 hotspots for air pollution, with traffic worst offender

What? Can this be true? The truth has been stated by those who have chosen to ignore the truth (from us) since the beginning of this anti smoking crusade.
Yes, traffic is the biggest pollutant we have, it was never any different and never will be unless all such transport is removed and we go back to the olden days of horse & cart. At least we could use the horse crap on our gardens whereas the anti smoking crap is utterly useless, baseless and needs to visit the crematorium pronto!

"Audit Scotland, in its report Protecting and Improving Scotland's Environment, has warned the country risks failing European targets for air quality, with the potential for hefty fines of millions of pounds each year."

Aha, so the EU have set air quality targets which cannot be met given the way we deploy ourselves & services in this day and age, and then we fear massive fines. For God's sake, here we go again, kow-towing to some idiotic Brussels initiative/directive which is going to remove our money (well, Scotlands actually-to which we heavily donate) to fill there ever wasteful coffers! Bloody marvellous.
However, more important here is the fact that vehicular pollution is far higher than that of smoking-so when do any governments ban cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes etc from our roads? After all, they are seriously polluting our lives ALL of the time!

The report added: "To improve air quality further, the amount of pollution that comes from road transport needs to be reduced."

Now just when do the orders come from the Scottish Government to remove all heavy transport from the roads-for surely our health is far more important than 62 ton of spuds going from Glasgow to Edinburgh?
When do those stinking great D/Decker buses go to the scrapyard for surely it is far healthier for everyone to walk everywhere than be intoxicated by diesel fumes?
Just think, you could enjoy a liesurely cigarette whilst ambling to one's destination!

"Air pollution from traffic is linked to serious health issues, including cancer, heart problems, allergies and respiratory disease."

So all the crap spouted by anti smoking groups, government sponsored quango's, Environmental Health groups etc pales into insignificance on the back of this most in depth of studies - from the Environment Agency!
Well, upon my soul!

"It is thought to reduce life expectancy by up to eight months, and cause health problems that cost as much as £20 billion across the UK. It has also been estimated to cause 2,000 deaths a year in Scotland."

Aha, get rid of transport as we know it, put another 5 million people out of work and save 'as much as £20bn' in health costs. Perfect answer to problem-excepting the fact that we then cannot afford the unemployment benefits and all that goes with them!
As for the estimated deaths in Scotland, does that include smokers as well as non smokers? And how are smokers polluting themselves and others around them when everyday life is now proven to be doing just that?
What would you rather do-stand next to a smoker for a few minutes or receive the full blast of that horrible, stinking, black effulgence belched out of a bus exhaust as it pulls away? And, don't forget, out pushchair inhabitants & toddlers are privy to that at exactly the right height! So what chance to they have of reaching puberty without already being infected/imploded/riddled with highly dangerous toxins?
This world of ours is getting crazier by the day and with all these daft rules & regulations government 'bodies', with all these contradictory findings/studies, are going to disappear up their own sphincters in time!
Long may they stay there in the stinking hole for all eternity!



Anonymous said...

Who are these so called "anti's" who say all this stuff about smokers? I think this is paranoia. I've never met anyone who says that stuff.. maybe in passing "oh your coat smells of smoke!" but not as a valid reason to give up smoking and not in a bullying way, more in a "we need to get some more washing powder in!" kind of way!..

Everyone knows that traffic causes pollution, and in turn maybe a factor in health issues! However traffic is vital! We all need to move about from one place to another.. Smokers don't NEED to smoke..

Has anyone ever said that smoking makes a CONSIDERABLE dent on the ozone, greenhouse effect, climate change or the quality of our cities air? NO.. So there is no basis for this blog, no rational comparison to the damage caused by fumes from cars, trucks and planes..

BTS said...

"Smokers don't NEED to smoke.."

And nobody NEEDS cheese, pets, tea, coffee, radios, computers, books, all four limbs..

My, what a wonderful world we could have if we simply removed all choice..

Anonymous said...

So you are saying we dont NEED food or water?

Who is talking about removing choice?

Jack said...

"Anonymous said...
Who are these so called "anti's" who say all this stuff about smokers? I think this is paranoia"

Have a read of the Godber Blueprint at You'll find out who the anti's are and what they've been saying about smokers for the last 35 years, and how it has influenced public opinion and policy around the world. Get informed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17:50 is probably a troll for the tobacco control industry. His/Her mission is to persuade us that no-one ever called for smokers to be denied access to public open spaces, medical treatment, jobs and homes. (Google these you will find numberous examples Anon, being able to read helps). The antis are really just socially concerned ultra humanitarians who love the whole human race and care, deeply about total strangers. Pass me a bucket someone, I am gonna throw up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a troll.

Name one person who has been stopped from having medical treatment, in the uk, unless smoking seriously contributes to the problem?

You are perfectly legally allowed to smoke in open spaces in the uk

Name someone denied a job because they smoked in the UK.. I suppose a pro footballer maybe.. but even then.. no

and who prevents smokers from buying a house? no one, since smokers say the only place they can smoke is there house, I think you are proving yourself wrong there.

Jack said...


You appear to be brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Jack said..

If you have answers to my perfectly reasonable points then make them, if not keep your personal opinions about me to yourself..

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