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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It doesn't take a Brainfart…

…to realise that this blog champions the rights of smokers and the purity of Freedom2Choose, of which I am a proud paid up member. But it may take the biggest of brainfarts to realise that there are other bloggers (yes, they are real people) out there who have other things on their mind…like…well, take last weeks blogosphere’s rantings for instance:

Well, not quite a rant but a thought provoking joke from pavlovscat, that caught my eye…yes, I know, it’s an old joke but still it’s an oldie but goody.

Meanwhile Tory Bear sucks British blogosphere royal co.., whilst going on the attack at another party…UKIP.

Back to comedic tones…or is it? JuliaM, on her blog, sexes up her views on…er…fat people having sex. I jest so you need to read her blog in it’s entirety, she has something to say about UK’s silliest lawmaking daftness.

Meanwhile one of my kinsmen thinks it is about time for a makeover:

RantinRab, on a good day.

He might need it but his acerbic wit does not.

There are loads of blogs that I’d like to mention but it is Tuesday and I have been partaking of  that middle class phonon called ‘whine tasting.’ no, you didn’t read that wrong!

Before I get my knickers in a twist here’s the best of the rest!

Old Holborn went for a walk (again?) this time for the camera, (Again!) But I do love him, don't you?

Will Constantly Furious stop being Constantly Furious I wonder?  I doubt it.


Ok, it’s Tuesday and I am a bit late with this, and there are a helluva lot of bloggers out there who float my boat but I have not mentioned them…yet! You know who you are and I will get to you, not on a Tuesday but next Sunday…


Pavlov's Cat said...

Most kind Sir, most kind

TheBigYin said...

PC,I picked on you first because I can see your lighter side, which cheers me up no end, you not only make me think but laugh and cry in equal measure (ok, not cry exactly, I'm a man after all ffs (:0

Nice blog, worth a look and diverse..I'm not kissing ass here.

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