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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Can common sense come out of Copenhagen...

...You betcha!


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but what is up with the F2C discussion forum?
Half the subjects on there no longer seem to exist although the headings are there.


TheBigYin said...

Hi John. There was a hiccup when local groups were removed and the members forum dissapeared but everything restored now except for the local groups, (North East etc.)

Amusing Bunni said...

Nice to see some common sense in Copenhagen!
Happy New Year, Big Yin.

Anonymous said...

Why do smokers refer to this as common sense?

and yet when non-smokers say it's common sense to not inflict secondary smoke on other people potentially damaging their health - they're common sense is seen a violation of liberty!

Anonymous said...

Its good to see that common sense and adult choice exists in Copenhagen. We no longer have that here in the UK.

Barking Spider said...

Yes please, bring it on - I hate our fucking Labour tyrants!!

Anonymous said...

how many pubs are there in this country, which are run by one person? with no help whatsoever? I'd be interested to know the answer to that.. and also, as a non-smoker, I'd back those pubs AND ONLY those pubs to be free of the smoking ban, on the condition that they could never employ anyone else or allow children into the pub.

I'd wager though that those pubs, run by the single person aren't suffering because of the smoking ban, more because of the cheap price of beer at the supermarket and because of the hike in rent/rates/heating/tax.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Err, what cheap price of beer at the supermarket would that be?

"Between 1980 and 2008, the price of alcohol increased by 283.3%. After considering inflation (at 21.3%), alcohol prices increased by 19.3% over the period"

Source: ONS

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