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Friday, 8 January 2010

You silly sods

Amusing smirker, Hairy Chestnuts, discusses an anti-smoking failure.


Chris said...

Well done Hairy. I also wonder if the anti smokers have huge amounts of money invested in big tobacco shares as many councils and schools have.

MarieC said...

Well said Hairy. It was always a no-brainer. Why can't the Silly Sods with no brains work it out.

marley said...

Another point, There is now more free tobacco advertising (TV radio cinema papers etc) than for years. Remember ther is no such thing as 'bad publicity'. Ha Ha what a fukin wheeze!

marley said...

Okay, before you all jump on me I know it's not free, The tax payer pays heavily for it.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Marley - I've never seen as much advertising for tobacco for years.

There's even adverts for it in school playgrounds and nurseries.

They are definitely silly sods and haven't got a clue.

No wonder smoking rates are on the up, particularly amongst the youth.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, smoking is as cool as being addicted to any other drug..

TheBigYin said...

And what drug would that be anon? Explain.

Animal Magic said...

I agree with Hairy's view on the matter, but the point is negated somewhat his breathing, especially at the beginning. He sound a bit like he's climbing up a steep hill.

Anonymous said...

What has his breathing got to do with the point he is making?

Anonymous said...

I work with young people and did a straw poll this week after seeing this video. Not one of the students I asked said that the smoking ban, MADE them want to smoke MORE! or encouraged them to become smokers!.. I think that's probably because the under 18's don't go in pubs so aren't really effected by the smoking ban at all..

Hairy kind of skipped over the idea that young people, accept things more readily, when they are told.. "no smoking" in a certain place, they understand and don't do it. whereas the older generation kick up a stink because they've always gone there and done that.

The establishment have been telling children and young adults for the last 30 years they must not do it - It's not knew.

21% of the population now smoke, and the highest rates of those are in the 20-24 age range, NOT CHILDREN or Young People. These are adults! These people can buy cigarettes legally in a shop..

This hairy character needs to change his tune he's the silly sod.

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