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Friday, 22 January 2010

ASH thrive on DEATH

My attention was drawn to the ASH website by one of our members-a trawl through was required me-thought! I found several interesting headings, some of which I will draw your attention to'

AIR - Atmosphere Improves Results (External Web Page)
Tobacco industry initiative with advice to pubs and restaurants showing that smoke-free areas make financial sense. But emphasis is on expensive ventilation and making pub-owners spend to clean the air rather than ban smoking -
yet when we visit the page indicated we see pictures of happy, smiling smokers having no choice but to sit outside under massive umbrellas. T-shirts worn, so we can take it that it was mid summer then! Yet "choice" is mentioned and so is "ventilation"., but where are either? So as far as ASH are concerned smokers can die outside from hypothermia just so long as they don't smoke a cigarette in an empty, soulless pub that probably can't afford to put the heating on anymore!

European Commission Tobacco page (External Web Page)
Tobacco is the single largest cause of avoidable death in the European Union accounting for over half a million deaths each year and over a million deaths in Europe as a whole. It is estimated that 25% of all cancer deaths and 15% of all deaths in the Union could be attributed to smoking.
This link is the European Commission Public Health, Tobacco page with access to EU policy, legislation, FAQs and key EU documentation.
-half a million going up to over a million, fear factor figures yet again from the ASHITES! They then state 'It is extimated.....', yes ESTIMATED!....could be attributed to smoking. Again they deal in death tolls as if smoking were the biggest killer on the planet. What they don't mention is the simple fact that people die everyday to make way for new life being created. It's called the circle of life. This planet of ours could not cope with no deaths and only new life. When your time has come, it's come - whether you smoke or not!

02 Smoking and Disease (Purchase Hard Copy £0.20) [page 1]
Smoking causes almost 90% of deaths from lung cancer, around 80% of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema, and around 17% of deaths from heart disease.
About one third of all cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking.
-90%...80%...nice big frightening figures yet again but the bottom line tells the truth! About one third of all cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking. To me, just a simple soul, that is one hell of a drop in percentages. Does this indicate that the other 67% of deaths that involve everything else except cancer don't matter to ASH? Road deaths, train crashes, aeroplane accidents, ships sinking, explosions - even old age expirations make up the other 67% yet they concentrate on the 33% to drumbeat with not a mention of some of our centenarians who have smoked all their lives! "Cherry picking" springs to mind here folks!

ASH News and Events Bulletin – 1-15 January 2007 (Internal Web Page)HEADLINES Tobacco News CONTENTS: Tobacco News Latest smokefree compliance data – Nov 2007 Turkey passes law to ban smoking in public place ...
-yes Turkey fell into line with the anti smoking diktat but what they didn't report in glaringly large letters was the fact that only 12 days into the Turkish smoke ban a bar owner wa shot dead by an angry smoker who was incensed that his custom was suddenly forced outside! Smoke bans are good for business owners then - if they live long enough to run them!

ASH News and Events Bulletin – 15-30 January 2009 (Internal Web Page)HEADLINES Tobacco News Government releases 2007 adult smoking prevalence figures Yorkshire lawyer tackles illegal tobacco trade Wales: 22m counterfei ...
Wales: 22m counterfeit cigarettes found
"The biggest ever single haul of counterfeit cigarettes in Wales has been discovered in Cardiff. The fake branded Classic Gold and Raquel cigarettes were hidden in three 40ft containers, within a cargo of bed linen and towels on a ship from Dubai. Customs officers found the consignment, worth £5m just before Christmas. It was the biggest haul in the UK last year."
- No surprise here then folks! What did governments expect when they try to clamp down on peoples pleasures? People enjoy smoking, it is a comfort to many but it is being demonised at every turn by the people in power and not just those in Westminster. The last line is laughable really, I quote, "Buying cheap, smuggled cigarettes isn't a bargain - it means trading with criminals," Aren't we being run by another set of criminals? Aren't ASH and other self styled quango's forcing their will on the people against the will of 25% of the people? Aren't they discriminating against a minority contrary to European Law which clearly states otherwise? Are our government not performing crimminal acts by closing businesses down on a daily business with bad laws like the smoking ban, forcing people into unemployment, causing bankruptcies left right & centre, homelessness and suicides? Smoking is a legal past-time, they have illegalised a legal pursuit in the very heart of its enjoyment sector! Criminality in excelsious!

Picture warnings to appear on cigarette packs from 1 October
-even a picture of a slabbed cadaver! Rotting teeth from a child over stuffed on Delrosa probably (the teeth are not those of an adult) and the coup de gras is the gruesome picture of an unfortunate gentleman with all sorts of growths purportedly caused by smoking-well he must smoke 10 billion pur tar cigarettes to achieve that 'portrait du excellance'! The picture actually reminds one of an impoverished 3rd world country that has never seen any form of medical services, hence the very high death rate in low age groups - still the picture fits the image ASG & others like to portray!
Bizarrely enough, several people have actually cut and pasted these images out and created their own cigarette card mini album for posterity! 90% of smokers spoken to have stated that the pictures leave them unmoved so the message of death & disease is failing yet ASH hailed the new picture gallery as a major step forward in the war against tobacco!

Fall in hospital admissions for heart attack since smoking ban
-we have seen the fantastic reports of heart attack reductions but all have been totally debunked by professional statisticians. The Helena Miracle, The Pueblo Study and the laughable Scottish Study by Dr Jill Pell have all been destroyed by people who know how to interpret figures correctly-but we have always said the the ban was partly brought in on the back of manipulated statistics! ASH don't care-they like big numbers OF DEATHS!

Smokefree law has saved 40,000 lives
-now we get to the glorifications, big numbers yet again, but can they be proven?
".....400,000 people quit the habit since the ban was introduced a year ago, which researchers say will prevent 40,000 deaths over the next 10 years." 400,000 people may have visited 'quit smoking' centres initially but there are no figures for continuance up to and including a twelve month period so these wondrous figures are merely another fabrication of self indulgent numerical acrobatics!
".....researchers say will prevent 40,000 deaths over the next 10 years." So we are now down to a figure of less comsequence as 4,000 deaths per annum in a population of 65 million is neither here nor there! We can remind ourselves that ASH even use death to their own advantage as evidenced by Ms Deborah Arnotts rapid praise for the departed non smoker and anti smoking activist MP, David Taylor, after suffering a heart attack whilst taking a RELAXING walk in his Nth leicestershire constituency on Boxing Day 2009. I remember david standing on the grass outside Parliament stating the above mantra and wondering what evidence this 'research was based upon?' What David's untimely demise did prove however, was that ASH use any death to promote their bigotted cause and maintain their government funding.
Further down the page we find this absolute gem:-
Majority of licensees support smokefree law
Despite the majority of licensees losing cash because of the smoking ban, a poll has found that more and more are supporting the measure.
The 1,500 licensees quizzed by CGA Strategy were asked if they still supported the smoking ban. Sixty four per cent answered yes - an increase of seven per cent from the 57 per cent who said they supported the ban from the start.
-well, that's that sorted then folks. All businesses are exceedingly happy to lose customers because because of the smoking ban. What an utter load of crap! I haven't found more than 2 licensees in the whole of Leicester who support that theory and 1 of those pubs is run by two old ladies who stare at a virtually empty pub day & night. They swear by the smoke ban yet earn nothing on a daily basis-yet I did see two 'old boys' supping half a lager each last week, wow, were those tills ringing. many city centre pubs now close early, many don't even open at dinner times to save needless expenditure. The f2c "Smoking Gun" survey (available soon) will show a completely different outlook on the above - but will ASH or Governments take the truth onboard?
It is interesting to note that a survey of the WMCIU revealed that 98% wanted CHOICE for they are losing £13.1m per annum in bar takings-not to mention the massive downturn in gaming machine revenues, staff lay-offs, Bingo sales slaughtered, the dearth of musicians now not performing. The list is endless but CHOICE would have solved that financial earthquake. ASH never mention the DEATH of social structures and the isolation of the elderly and infirm.

Smokers cough up £100,000 fines in Liverpool
-Amazingly there is a report about how much one city has gleefully raked in from the leperised smokers with Liverpool boasting a figure of £100,000 in penalties. yes, some people are lazy and see the drains and gutters as depositories but have Liverpool Council provided smokers with ASHtray topped bins to stub out their fag ends? Nope, they have employed an army of 'smoker watchers' in an attempt to target the much beleagured smokers now forced outside. The smoke ban has turned into a money factory for the judicial system and, worse still, the judicial system is now corrupted by the new smoke ban laws (as will be evidenced later).
Pricemarked packs of Roll Your Own
-Not surprisingly Golden Virginia have reported an 8% rise in sales as smokers shy away from the ever greedy government tax pressures on packs of 20. Thinking about the above situation it is even easier to see why as poorer folk cabn afford roll ups and can get considerably more from a 12.5gram pouch than from a 20 pack of tailormade! Also, roll ups are 'bio-degradable' which means that rain etc simply washes them away and reduces them to nothing whereas one report stated that a filter tip could take up to 20 years to decompose! No excuse for littering I accept but the logic is easy to spot. Also it is widely accepted that rolling tobacco is 'healthier' for you than tailormade cigarettes-much to ASH's chagrin!

So, from what can be gleaned on the website all ASH are interested in is the biggest anti smoking, social engineering programme the world has ever seen. By getting continuous funding from governments worldwide they are free to delve into peoples lives on a daily basis. They don't care about smokers feeling, smokers needs (for it is obvious that people are born to smoke or not-as the case maybe). They care not about the stress caused by failing businesses, the heart attacks caused by the threats of insolvency, bankruptcy & homelessness. They are in business to earn money through depriving others of what they enjoy.
Let's imagine tobacco is outlawed worldwide thus £billions in revenue are lost - who are going to be the first to scream like 'stuck pigs' when income tax has to rise by £0/30p to compensate? of course-the non smokers!
Let's imagine their are are no smokers on the planet. ASH will not be in business anymore for they will have no job to do, they will all be redundant courtesy of their own vilification of 25% of the population-wouldn't that be hilarious? They are on a self unemployment programme by virtue of their own actions and although it will never happen as people will always choose to smoke, ASH may one day die from their own non smoking programme!


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TheBigYin said...

Very informative piece Phil. As you know this blog will endevour, and has done on many an occassion, to show that fake charity ASH (spit) up for what they are, a bunch of liars that far surpasses their anti-smoking rivals. Even a well known rabid anti-smoker like Michael Siegel knows that groups like ASH (spit) are liars of the highest order, so much so that he offered them $100 if they could give a truthful assessment of a heart attack study. GASP in the US won the $100 (the heart attack study proved negative) and you can see the full results of Michaels challenge here: Fridays piece.

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