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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

We can but hope

From Let Fly The Pigs Of War, good news regarding the Right Horrendous Member for Luton South.

Tom Bradby from ITN asks Brown:

Does Brown back Margaret Moran (the Luton MP who claimed around £20,000 for dry rot in a home many miles from her constituency)?

Brown says:

That Moran's behaviour was "totally unacceptable". He says that she should be investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards before a decision is taken. (We didn't know that case had gone to the commissioner.) It sounds likes he's just terminated Moran's career.

Now wouldn't that be nice payback, on behalf of 22% of the adult population, for a disgusting, self-righteous bully.

Again, what goes around ...


Unknown said...

So the bitch has taken on a good friend of F2C's, Sean Spillane, eh. Sean will put her in her traughing place, I have no doubts about that. 4 effing homes??? Un bloody believable.

Anonymous said...

They should all have one home, at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

vincent1 said...

Ditto to both!

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