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Sunday, 17 May 2009

No pity (2): More faux righteous Labour troughers

It is often said, of smokers who argue against the overly harsh nature of the smoking ban in pubs and clubs, that they are selfish. The premise appears to be that non-smokers should be exclusively entitled to all establishments on their preferred terms, whether they use them or not. The business owner who wishes to offer a smoking environment, and the customers who wish to avail themselves of it, are anti-social to object.

Nothing selfish at all in that stance, is there?

Isn't it funny, then, that arguably the three worst Labour offenders in the expenses debacle just happen to be vehemently rancid anti-smokers.

We've already mentioned the disgusting Elliot Morley creature, who voted to kill off thousands of pubs up and down the country on the back of his not-at-all selfish prejudices, and was also in no way selfish when ripping us off to the tune of £16,000. Hopefully he will continue to not be selfish in his soon-to-be new home, by not acting coy when it comes to picking up that dropped soap in the mornings.

Following him into the righteous wing of Parkhurst should, if natural justice is our friend, be David Chaytor, the fine upstanding member (that's a euphemism, think about it) for Bury North. He was right behind the ripping away of freedoms for pub owners and their customers, too. Not only that, but the ban couldn't come quick enough for this self-righteous maggot, as he exhibited in 2003

Written answers
Friday, 14 March 2003


David Chaytor (Bury North, Labour)

To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make it his policy to support legislation against smoking in the workplace.

With ne'er a thought for those who would be adversely affected by his bigotry, he unselfishly did everything he could to marginalise 10 million smokers and traders reliant on them.

He then showed further incredible selflessness by claiming £13,000 on a mortgage which didn't exist.

A Labour MP has been suspended for claiming £13,000 on a mortgage which had already been paid off.

MP David Chaytor was suspended by Downing Street this morning after it was revealed he continued to submit monthly claims for £1,175 at the taxpayers’ expense, long after the loan was paid off.

I knew Labour were a shower of shit, but I didn't realise how very generous they were in stumbling over each other to offer a shit-packing in the shower.

Then we have the incredibly arrogant Margaret Moran, Labour MP for Luton South, who is beyond the pale. This woman stole £22,000 off us for refurbishing her holiday home (not selfish at all, is it?). She not only voted for the smoking ban, but also threatened a local CIU steward for having the temerity to write to his local newspaper to raise grievances. Public bullying, she called it.

As MPs we are elected to weigh in the balance the greater good for our constituents, and it is for this reason that I wholly support the current policy. No amount of public bullying of the sort you indulge in will change my position.

I also understand that the constitution for working men's clubs mandates that they are not party political. I therefore understand that your public statements have been referred to the relevant governing bodies.

Remarkably, though, this hideous affront to humanity is not only a selfish cunt of the highest order, but also unaware of the irony inherent in throwing accusations of bullying around, when she is a disgusting bully herself.

Neighbours of Ms Moran’s £200,000 farmhouse at Carataunas, south of Granada, have accused her of trying to intimidate them into keeping off her land by pinning hand-written notes bearing the House of Commons Portcullis logo to trees and gateposts.

Not content with this being against parliamentary rules, she even fucking claimed £900 from us in an attempt to stop the evidence being presented!

Commons rules state that its stationery cannot be used for ‘personal, business or commercial correspondence.’

Oh yeah, and she is also a lying bitch.

‘In relation to allegations about misuse of House of Commons notepaper, my client denies any wrongdoing and has decided to make a voluntary referral to the Parliamentary Commissioner so that this matter can be independently resolved.’

Three high-profile anti-smoking bullies who possess more power than those they subjugate = three abhorrent, self-advancing, ignorant pigs.

Now, who are the 'selfish' again?

Disclaimer: The Freedom2Choose blog is opinions of members only and not necessarily condoned by F2C. Language and accusations are mine entirely. So sue me, you fuckers.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine from the use of language that I do not often hear from you that you are a bit fucking pissed off at the actions of these self serving and corrupt cunts and want to bring them to justice and expose them as the criminal pricks they truly are.
If I read that right - as they say "Paul is up for it - NOW".
AND - I'm not even going to say "I told you so"

Nice post mate - fuck them to hell and fucking back. Time to let it rip I think.

Disclaimer - These are my opinions. They do not (but probably do) reflect the entire population of this country and, if they sue you, then they can sue me too as I agree with every word you say. The government have lost the lawful consent of the governed and, as a result, govern unlawfully. And they are all a bunch of wankers (apologies to all true and dedicated, law abiding wankers).

I have to post this as anonymous but, it is me Paul Kearns (only because I can't be arsed to recall hoe I registered on this blog)

helend498 said...

They lie in their manifestos to get voted in; they steal from the tax-payer; they think nothing of removing liberties; they are brainwashed and only listen to 'advisors' instead of their public.

Who in their right mind would vote for a party like this?

No wonder they're out. Just glad the expenses saga came now - at least they can't steal from us as much as they were during their last few months in power.

Good-bye New-Labour and good-bye Labour (not sure what you're wanting to be called - you keep changing to suit) and good riddance. Never again should you have the chance to hold office

Anonymous said...

Once again a cracker from Dick. Whilst I abhor the use of the c.word - needs must.
If I wasn't past my prime I'd want to have your babies.

Basil Brown said...

No word is too low to describe repugnant pieces of filth like Moran [whose constituency has, indeed, voted for the pig behind the red rosette]. Lying thieving bossy hypocritical venal parasitical fucking scum. Her fifth fucking residence at our expense should be the fucking Scrubs.

TheBigYin said...

Welcome to F2C's brand new blog Basil, you have been added to our blog roll (on the right hand side) and look forward to reading your words of wisdom from your blog.

Basil Brown said...

Thanks TBY. My ranty spleen's feeling all underventilated, as I ponder my blogging future in a post-nulabor country. Seeing Moran's smirking visage accompanying the expose of her bid to become a property millionaire at the proles' expense has made me want to slap her priggypiggy face.

And I'm guessing I'm not alone in that.

Yeh, you political-class parasites. Your hour of reckoning is here. And it couldn't have come a moment too soon. How much security can we buy you? Not enough, thieves. Not enough.

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