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Saturday, 23 May 2009

There's something rotten in the state of Scotland! The Scottish inquisition.

Once again New Caledonia** seems to have a need to persecute smokers, and their legal suppliers, into extinction, no matter the destruction this will cause in terms of lost businesses, lost jobs in the midst of a recession, real people with real lives and mortgages to pay, kids to feed and, in some cases single parents who have gotten up off their arses and provided for their kin! With one stroke of pen, without any shred of evidence, (actually that's not true, the evidence from Canada Is proof possitive that hiding tobacco displays in shops has no effect at all in curbing underage smoking and purchasing of tobacco products but has resulted in tobacco outlets closing at an unprecedented rate!) What? You need proof??? Well just ask the people at the sharp end of this moronic legislation in the making?

Tobacco ban attacked by expert

"Similar move in Canada led to shops closing and jobs being lost, says store boss."

And if you doubt the effects this legislation will have on people and businesses:

The association said 23 corner shops closed every week in Ontario and 12 in Quebec after the display ban.


Association president Dave Bryans said: “This new evidence shows the dire effect a ban on tobacco displays has had on corner shops in Canada. It is inevitable that the same move by the Scottish government to ban displays will have a similar detrimental effect on the livelihood of retailers across Scotland.”


He added: “The purpose of the legislation in Canada, as it is now in Scotland, was to reduce youth smoking rates.

“Yet youth smoking rates in Canada have remained flat since 2006. So retailers have lost their jobs and their livelihoods for nothing.

Ahh, do they mean the likes of ASH?* (spit)

“MSPs need to look at all the data, not just the selective statistics which some groups have highlighted.”

Of course there are groups in Scotland, not to say the UK, that have serious doubts about the control freeks that are subserviant dogs to their prejuiced paymasters which this committee's ethics, and their dissregard for the people that rule them, pay no heed to, they are omnipotent you see, they are your betters and must be obeyed, under the threat of death, financially that is, or derogation!

One such group that will question tobacco control and their paymasters, big pharmaseutical companies, who have a vested interests in us plebs stopping smoking, via their useless patches and inhalers, is Freedom To Choose UK but in this particular instance Freedom To Choose (Scotland) lead the field against the Nazi mentality that Scotland is now embracing.

F2C Scotland have told the committee and all other committees under the jackboot of tobacco control that there is a sensible, non distructive way of combating underage tobacco consumption, and they (F2C) can prove this, but they would not listen to F2C, their hatred of tobacco consumption, a legal product, is so ingrained in their simple minds that they deem smokers as a sub class and an evil product of drug barons, yet I have still to see one pensioner, one muggee that said, "he robbed and beat me up for my pension money to buy fags!" Never seen either the headline that the public are being beaten up for the price of a pint but I have seen the above being done over a bag of dare these fuckers compare a legitimate product as the same as an illegitimate one? How dare these puritans pass judgement on a legal product and it's users? I'll tell you why, because they hate tobacco, so don't listen to the realities of life and death, only to their petty hatreds! I'll ask a question of a smoker, would you rather have a tobacco produce, be it a cigar, cigarette, pipe, snuff, e-cigarette or would you rather take a needle to your arm and look for an 'easy target' for money to get hooked up?

Watch these fuckers,they try to rule your fucking lives on their own warped hatreds! they hate tobacco, pure and simple!

Before you look at the nearly four hour video of our paymasters in Scotland deciding on the future of a buisness, Freedom To Choose will have their say:

Vice Chair, Eddie Douthwaite, (F2C Scotland) states:

"It is now time for an independent review of the quality and scientific basis of evidence produced in support of tobacco control legislation in it's entirety, the whole reason for this erroneous quango is nothing to do with the health and the wellbeing of our young Scottish citizens, but more to do with Freedom To Choose, which this committee is against, rather than the health of our children, It has it's own (hidden) agenda against smokers.

If they were truely concerned about child safety they would banish child poverty, which they have failed dismally to do."

The Vice Chair of F2C Scotland goes on to say:

The Scottish Goverment seem to have a ludite mentality and refuse to accept that new technology exists that could deal with the perceived problems of underage smoking prevelance, as they did with the Scottish Smoking ban and the cheap technology that exists to let smokers and non smokers co-exist in harmony, but tobacco haters don't want us both to co-exist, do they?

OK, now watch your betters decide who rules your lives or business, this video is but nearly three hours off your life, if you can't suffer three hours then there is no hope for you in the years to come.

This committee is coming to a town near you, you better believe it!

This is video two and video 1 and 3 will be made available to me shortly, video three, where ASH (spit) have their say in this farce of a round table, will be put on this blog ASAP!

** I say New Caledonia because I don't recognise Scotland anymore, Scotland is the bastard child of the EU!


Pat Nurse said...

I feel very sorry for the people of Scotland who have to live by what these tyrants dictate - but I wish we English could be rid of them. Why, exactly, do we need Scottish MPs in our Parliament? Scotland wanted to break away from the UK - let them have their way, cut the country and its poison off from doing any further damage here!

TheBigYin said...

I am presently processing the first part of this fiasco and, while listening to the crap that is spouted I can hear the same words, from the same people, as in this post, which is 2 in my trilogy. The part that I will publish shortly is in audio form but I will download the video, which is very long and if the readers demand then I will put the full video on here.

Part three is evidence by ASH to the committee, (I use evidence loosly)who will, no doubt, push for the demise of legitimate businesses just because of their hatred of all things tobacco.

Watch this space!

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