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Monday, 18 May 2009

Another day, more selfish troughing bigots

As if further proof were needed of the selfish nature of anti-smokers, a couple more holier-than-thou Labour smoker-bashers were exposed today as greedy money-grubbers.

The aptly-named George Mudie has been snuffling around trousering as much as he could get away with.

George Mudie, a Labour MP who has been one of Gordon Brown’s key attack dogs over the profligacy of bankers, claimed £62,000 in expenses for his London flat in four years, while having a mortgage of just £26,000.

He was a bit light on what he could claim for mortgage interest seeing as he is lucky enough to only have a £105 per month bill. So why not just kit out his lavish pad with top-of-the-range gear at our expense instead?

£7,000 for a Moben kitchen
£650 for carpets
£580 on repainting
£929 on tile work
£50 parking ticket for his builder
£249 for sofa covers
£299 for an LCD television set
£169.99 for a DVD player
£1,274 for a dining table and four chairs
£1,750 for a bedroom suite
£249 for an LCD television set (yes, another one)
£546 for a settee and chairs
£325 for a leather armchair

To be fair, he did say he will pay back the £50 parking ticket, so that's all right then.

Pub owners will be interested to know that Georgie-boy was quite happy to contribute to their hardship and the death of over 3,000 pubs while he was living the high life at their expense.

Then we have Ben Chapman, another who voted enthusiastically for the smoking ban. And also another Labour MP being, ahem, creative with his mortgage claims.

Documents seen by the Telegraph suggest that between December 2002 and October 2003, Mr Chapman deliberately over-claimed for interest on the mortgage of his London house by about £15,000.

He's not going to pay it back, either.

However, when asked whether he would repay the money, he said: “The answer is no. It’s all something that was agreed a long time ago.”

These people are selfish to the core. They are the final leg baton-carriers of a tobacco control movement which is purely motivated by getting what they, personally, want.

No amount of pleading as to the harsh financial and social realities a blanket ban would bring was ever going to sway them. They want the world on a stick and are solely motivated by self-interest and greed. A trumped up 'health' trojan horse was exactly what their confirmation bias craved to be able to ensure that every pub, club, bingo hall and hotel in the country would be agreeable to them. Fuck everyone else, they got what they wanted and that is all that interests them.

If anyone ever uses the words smokers and selfish in the same sentence to you again, just point them in the direction of hideous porkers like this louche pair.


Nitro said...

All pubs and clubs in the UK are under threat due to the smoking ban, do these Mps care? of course they don't as long as they are filling their pockets with our money.

Anonymous said...

Is it PC correct to steal now? Seems so to me it is with what's been going on by our law-makers.

You couldn't make it up! No wonder we're a laughing stock in the real world (not the PC world that ZanuLabour paint).

They can wallow in their guilt - they deserve it. I'm looking forward to the long drawn out demise which they're starting to suffer.

They've wrecked the lives of millions with their blanket ban when choice could have catered for everyone.

They deserve everthing they get.

Fidothedog said...

An not a penny on decent glasses, be that his or taxpayers; have a look at a photo of him.

Should have gone to Specsavers.

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