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Friday, 29 May 2009

Tell the Lib Dem leader what you think about their stance on prohibition

Remember the Lib Dems and their overwhelming backing of the Health Act which marginalised 22% of the voting public?

You must surely recall those 'Liberal' guys, 95% of whom decided that there should be no exemption whatsoever to the smoking ban?

Well, their leader Nick Clegg has a blog. Why not tell him what you think of their liberal policies?

Just click here and post a comment. As a politician, he should be very happy to read your views.

I'd be quick though, if I were you, censorship moderation will no doubt come soon once the disgust becomes publicy noticeable.

H/T Old Holborn


TheBigYin said...

Oh, that should be fun, he might even change his mind about the smoking ban if he thinks there's a vote in it. But I'm dreaming again.

Anonymous said...

The lumps of shit that call themselves politicians would make a law that sends their own mothers out on the street corners at night if it meant that they could get further on the gravy train than they already are. SCUMBAGS all.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip-off. God knows why they have the word 'liberal' in their name though - I'm still very confused with that masquerade.

Bunch of idiotic, PC correct quangos if you ask me!

Now, if they do decide to realise that extremism is not the way forward, then perhaps they might just see that votes go more in their favour.

Fidothedog said...

Done, I am enjoying reading the comments and almost total lack of support Cleggover is getting. :-)

Anonymous said...


The gangerine of "liberalism" is nothing new,
it has depraved human society since biblical
times. It ferments in the apathy of the common
man,festers in the vacuum of contentment,in
the cowardice of constant debate.
The greatest contribution of western liberalism in the last two millenia was
the first world war which laid the foundations
for the following war.That is their epitaph.
Chattering thinkers with the blood of 90 million used as ink for their pamphlets of
despair, the fuel of their bleeding hearts.

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems simply waste of time.

Emiliano Zapata

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