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Friday, 29 May 2009

Hiding tobacco displays in Scotland, Part 3.

This is the third video of the Health & Sports committee Scotland evidential hearings on hiding 'point of sale' tobacco products under the counter in all convenience stores and specialist tobacco shops throughout Scotland. In the same video the H&S committee also hear 'evidence?' on banning cigarette machines outright; totally wiping out an industry that has the temerity to sell a legal product to adults in adult surroundings like pubs and bingo halls.

You will hear so called charities like ASH Scotland's (spit) Sheila Duffy pleading for these laws to come into effect 'for the children' then explain how her organisation receives nigh on 1 million pounds of taxpayers, and smokers, money. Evidence is even taken from Scotland's Youth Parliament who has carried out dubious research on the children's behalf.

Make no mistake, this is NOT about saving the children from tobacco; it's about the further denormalisation of adult smokers!

And the same laws ARE coming to England!

Our (F2C) main website says more about ASH (spit) than I ever can:

Special Interest Groups

ASH, The Anti Smoking Hate group is very questionably registered as a charity yet this neo political lobby group has driven a hate campaign against smokers in the UK for the past three decades.

Long before the passive smoke harm myths were invented, this group were calling for smoking bans. They pay themselves huge salaries from donations intended for cancer and heart research, they dismiss real science in favour of pharmaceutical driven statistical nonsense and they accuse anyone who even remotely disagrees of being stooges for the tobacco industry. They may well choose to hide behind the health scare industry today but their real reasons remain the same as they always were; - the total and obsessive hatred of smokers and their goal of total prohibition coupled with the complete removal of smokers from society simply because they don't like it. The more we give in to these interfering groups and the hate they incite, the more freedoms we will lose.

Allowing the pharmaceutical giants to use special interest groups such as these to promote scare mongering junk science for the purpose of selling anti smoking drugs that don't work is a very dangerous precedent; what should we expect next? - Pharmaceutical Beer containing "therapeutic" alcohol, or maybe our local chemists will be promoting Cheeseburger Replacement Therapy.

Scientists who suggest that anything other than smoke is responsible for cancer or other so called "smoking related diseases" are instantly ridiculed and discredited by the highly funded anti smoking groups. This in turn has resulted in very little research being done on those other causes leading to potentially millions of unnecessary deaths.


Helend498 said...

Totally agree TBY - people are dying because of the amount of funding and research that is going into the studies for these extremists.

I'm looking forward to them being found out - and it isn't a long way off. Some of their claims are just down-right outrageous now.

Any normal person would prefer choice because most people do not hold extreme views. Most normal people are tolerant and would prefer choice.

Extremism always fails. I'm so looking forward to whose head falls first in this fiasco

Anonymous said...

Why are the government giving ASH (spit) money at all ?
What benefit does the government get if everyone stops smoking ?

Anonymous said...

We will not ever see the day that everyone stops smoking. As smokers decrease in numbers, taxes increase so gov't is not losing any money. But even if gov't was not benefiting monetarily from demonizing smokers, they are benefiting politically by pretending they care in the masses' eyes. Going against the will of the powerful anti-tobacco cartel would be political suicide for them. Not to mention what type of shenanigans are going on between gov't and the pharma cartel who are pimping (if you'll forgive the expression) the anti-tobacco cartel.

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