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Thursday, 28 May 2009

To Hull and back.

I was intrigued by Guido's blog this morning about the Hull Daily Mail's campaign to save local businesses from catastrophe so I popped over for a quiet read. As I don't live a million miles away from Hull, Middlesbrough; I thought I ought to keep up with all things newsworthy in my region.

The paper proudly postulates:

In short, Bounce Back is about celebrating everything we all love about Hull and the East Riding.

laudable sentiments but no matter how worthy the Mail's cause is, it's doomed to fail. Why? Well, no less than Gordon 'The Hun' Broon publically endorses the campaign:

“We all have a part to play in helping our communities survive this difficult period and I am pleased to see the Mail galvanising support around local businesses with the launch of the Bounce Back campaign.

“The 350,000 small businesses in the region are the lifeblood of the area’s economy.”

Yeah, as if you care Gordy! For it was you and your ilk that slit the wrists of the hospitality industry.

Research carried out by the Hull and East Yorkshire branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) shows there are currently 32 pubs in the area standing empty, 17 of which closed during 2008.
Or as one gasping Hull real ale enthusiast put it:

To all you people who've lost your jobs in the hospitality industry, both in Hull and UK wide, here is one of the sponsors of your financial ruin:

Now these Labour business assassins want to bring in a Soviet Scotland style tobacco display ban, putting further jobs in jeopordy as well as killing off the tobacco vending machine industry by making it illegal for them to trade in a legal product.

With 40 pub closures a week here in the UK due to the anti business Smoking Ban Experiment the Hull Daily Mail's headline should be: BOUNCE THESE TROUGHING LIARS OUT OF OFFICE AND SAVE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!

H/T Guido Fawkes Master blogger.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Good point, well made, TBY

Anonymous said...

26 pubs a month closed in 2006, according to CAMRA, before the smoking ban... to blame just the smoking ban is short sighted

Dick Puddlecote said...

That would be great, Anon, except that you are talking bollocks.

The BBC compiled this graphic using BBPA figures.

The actual figure was just 2 per week.

Try again.

TheBigYin said...

Anon, pub closures took a giant leap from day one of the smoking ban experiment, long before any mention of the so called Credit Crunch debacle. As Dick Puddlecote pointed out, weekly closures throughout 2004 2005, 2006 were in single figures, even your dubious figures well surpass these. There are currently 52+ pub closures pw and figures show that in previous recessions pubs actually gained in popularity.

The smoking ban experiment in social engineering is the single cause of the demise of the great British pub. And then there's the knock on effect to musicians etc.

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