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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stunning hypocrisy of the day

Even for the congenital liars at ASH Scotland, this, from Sheila Duffy, is hypocrisy of stellar proportion.

Figures for Scotland show that smoking-related diseases kill six times as many people as accidents – including traffic accidents, homicide, suicide, falls, and poisoning put together.

Then, after wibbling on about "small health organisations with tiny resources" (if you ever see one, please call the Fortean Times).

It is organisations like ours that will continue to argue against the misinformation and the scaremongering

No pots or kettles there then, obviously.


Captain Ranty said...

Yes, I saw this outrageous press release.

Lying, lying bastards!

ASH are responsible for most of the misinformation in the public domain. Their Chief LieMaster, Martin Doggerel, wins awards for his tall tales.

Skinning them alive and covering them in salt would be too gentle a punishment for these scaremongering freaks.

Anonymous said...

The report in the Press & Journal included more Claptrap.
"The 13,500 Scots who die from tobacco related illnesses every year are the silent victims of a major health epidemic"
"Victims of a major EPIDEMIC" my ass!!!
Anti-smokers have used the emotive term 'epidemic' far too often when referring to smoking and tobacco usage.
How the hell can you have an epidemic when, rather than increasing, smoking rates were half of those soon after WW2 and still declining. The epidemic, if it exists, has a damn sight less to do with lowered tobacco usage than factors that have increased.
Oh - - and what the hell do they mean by 'the SILENT victims' - more emotive claptrap.

vincent1 said...

The only silent victims I see, are those who walk into hospital with one thing, then catch something they cannot see with the increasing amount of dirty bugs. Just look at the rise in that area, Sheila Duffy, if you really want to stop early deaths. They are REAL people, not your "maybes" "couldbes" plucking figures out of the air people.
How many joke and cartoons were running around the internet after the last "pandemic" "epidemic". I think the boy who cried wolf comes to mind, if so many people think the so called "health bods" are becoming a joke.

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