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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pubco's, the smokers enemy

Once again the bullies are out to stub the drinking smoker into the ground.
Landlady's smoking bid abandoned
It was with great annoyance that I found out that the landlady who defied the smoking ban experiment by creating a "smoking research room" to stave off being bankrupted by the thieving, lying shitbag politicians who brought in the legislation that has 39 pubs closing every week based on a lie, had to abandon the idea.

Now we find out that it was not the council that thwarted her idea of staying solvent, oh no, that would be too easy, but instead it was the Pubco, Punch Taverns, that told her that they would take her pub off her if she didn't obey. No doubt under pressure from the local council tinpot Hitlers who would like to put their hands up and shout, "it wasn't me guv!"

While they have their hands up...shoot the bastards!


Gigits said...

"Smoking Research Room" - that is the fucking business and a great loophole. I know of a few pubs (that are not yet McDonalds or Chinese Buffet Restaurants) that could do with such a room!

Why won't the lily livered tossers stand up to the bastards at the council!

marley said...

I laugh my fuckin head off when punch go bang, the sooner the better!

Nitro said...

Lets hope this is the start of providing choice for the smoking public.

As for the Pubcos they should be ashamed, they should be supporting customers and managers. Smoking in designated areas means profits don't they want profits and customers

helend498 said...

I refuse to frequent a pub owned by a pubco. The pubcos just love the smoking ban, even if their customers don't. They're not really good with business sense are they?

Surely they realised that their pubs would die with the smoking ban (as they have), or were they so stupid to believe lobbyists (or perhaps their bribes).

Whichever they were, they certainly didn't give 2 hoots for their customers - so I, as a past customer, don't give 2-hoots for them.

Haven't some of them fallen out of the FtSie 100? What a surprise! What a laugh! What they deserve!

Say goodbye to your customers pubcos - you have the choice, customers or government. You can't survive though without customers remember, you can fight against a nanny government

Dick Puddlecote said...

With friends like Pubcos ...

vincent1 said...

After watching question time last night, the anger with the bullshit in this Country was all too clear. Now I understand why they do not understand the truth of anything. They cannot even understand a simple guideline in their "little green book" huh. Yet that woman had the audacity to say we do not understand.
Six year olds have better understanding of what is right and wrong.
How dare these people try to "demoralise us".
They are worse than common thieves, yet will they get tried in the same light, I will not hold my breath waiting for that.
How sad for those MPs who do have morals and a better understanding of the "green book" though.
If they did nothing wrong, why so many saying "sorry" and paying it back, like that makes it ok then errgghhhhhh
These people have helped to destroy thousands of business and jobs, that is just in the hospitality trade alone. The cost to peoples social lives will not be forgotten either, because what ever the rantis spout, they were NEVER banned from investing their OWN money into smoke free venues.
What a sorry stinking mess we are all faced with. I am not talking about smoke either!
mandyv for smokers and non-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH

Anonymous said...

Maybe the independents could give it a go?

TheBigYin said...

That's what I'm hoping Anon, that freehold pubs will lead the way.

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