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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Councillor Bartlett has landed a no confidence vote in himself by 8 votes to 1 (his own probably!)


Anonymous said...

The rightful crucifiction of a complete nomark trying to make a name for himself. I assume he will be a 'Non' councillor very shortly?

Pat Nurse MA said...

"Anti-smoker Bartlett"!?!!??

Call a spade a shovel - this man is obviously Smopkerphobic. Antis hate and fear smoking - this man and others who share this newly recognised mental health disorder is terrified of smokers.

If you recall, he thought we were diseased and that kids might pick up something nasty from walking past our stumps - after we have stubbed them out on kids here there and everywhere, of course.

These people should be named and shamed as the phobics they are and not politely described as simply anti-smoking

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