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Friday, 25 December 2009

Today is the beginning of the end for…

…Dr. Who of course.  Well not exactly, just the end of David Tennant’s tenure as guardian of the blue police box, (bloody hell, I’m old enough to remember them!)
Ok, I’m a huge fan and you’d think, at my age, I’d know better but I’ve grown up with that strange BBC electronic workshop music since it’s inception in 1963 (when I was a gangly 11yo) and the original Dr, William Hartnell.

Today, Christmas day, is the beginning of the end of the latest Time Lord incarnation, David Tennant…


The man credited for bringing Dr. Who back to life is Russell T. Davis and, as far as I know, he wrote a TV series called Queer as Folk, which I never watched, as anything to do with *homosexuality is not “must see” television for me. Indeed he brought “gayness” into Dr. Who when he brought Captain Jack Harkness into the show. But despite my little prejudices I think Russell T. Davis is a genius. His gift for comedy is inspiring, (who can forget "Blink" where the Dr explains the space time continuum as “wibbly wobbly bits.”)

And don’t forget the subliminal political messages in Dr. Who. More than once the Dr. mentions how great the human race are but so prone to not thinking for themselves, (thinking of the Cybermen here but can’t remember the direct quote.) One thing I’ve noticed though, you never, ever see someone smoking, not even in the background, (well, I had to get smoking in somewhere in this homage.)

David Tennant is arguably the best incarnation of the good Dr. and I shall miss his performance after next weeks final swansong.

I’ll be watching tonight with baited beery breath.


The Dr. is dead, long live the Dr.

*No homosexual (I refuse to use the word “gay”) was hurt in the making of this blog, not even Mrs. Iain Dale, ooh ahhh Mrs.


handymanphil said...

Dr Who also gave us the fore-runner of a lot of todays politicians. Daleks!
Mindless androidy things that busy themselves trying to control by exterminating anything that they may fear or that could be seen as a problem. The only difference is that the good Dr said 'bollox' and fought back!
When are the people going to fight back against the majority of our 646 Androidy things?

Anonymous said...

That was a great series. One for the library!

Merry Christmas to you all!

TheBigYin said...

Update: Just had a belly full of roast beef and all the trimmings washed down with Netto's finest dinner wine with sherry trifle from Iceland to follow, yum yum. Me and Mrs. Yin were sat in our recently bought shell suits from Primark and watched Dr. Who.

Worked out that I was to pissed and bloated to take it in and promptly fell asleep, bastard!

Never mind, I've got iplayer to do the catchup when I'm less full, less tobacco fuled and not falling asleap. Then there's the New Years episode to get through...Drink and food, it should be ba....what am I saying? Off for another drinky poos.

banned said...

Hi BigYin, just passing by to wish well for the Season.
We must be of similar age and I too remember The Dr. in all his earlier forms. Lost touch a bit as the nineties stretched into the 'noughties' (dread phrase) but have quite a lot of the older stuff on file and can quite see David Tennant as a credible Dr.

Amusing Bunni said...

I like Dr. Who Too, Big Yin.
They put it on the WTTW PBS station out here Sunday nights at 10. I will miss David T. Are they continuing the series with a New Dr., or is the phone booth being closed and locked forever?

PBS is starting up a new series in that time slot about a cop in Manchester who is travelled back to the 70's. It looks pretty good, I forget the name now.

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