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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday sermon

I hate to be bearer of bad news, especially on a Sunday, but it would appear that we're not going to heaven.

If one out of four was good enough, I might have a chance (though that would depend on a strict interpretation of the word 'sleep').


TheBigYin said...

Oh chit, I've slept on mates sofa's over the years, does that count? Anyway, one out of three is not to bad eh...?(honest guv, I didn't inhale!)

Anonymous said...

Pharisees was the name given in the Bible for it. The state gives labels - propaganda - some things "good", others "bad". Everyone to be considered "good" (in the eyes of the rulers of this world and the obedient subjects) become Pharisees and obey all the rules, putting on big displays of it - while anyone not of that sort is labelled "bad" and subject to extreme punishment, including beheading, the lion's den and crucifixtion. In the end, says the Lord, the "good" end up going to hell whilst the "bad" all end up going to heaven, as long as they've been true to their own selves - to thine ownself be true, only rendering until Caeser what is necessary and nothing more, not one's soul itself. I hope this illustration in the paper was meant to make that point obvious and not actually be serious in suggesting everyone give more to fake charities and quangoes whilst honouring Caeser's dictates such as no smoking, no drinking, no eating, no photographing, no this, that and the other. I hope it wasn't implying everyone should truly become all pharisees to the new state religion but was sarcasm in support of the opposite, which is reportedly the ideal way one should live freely and with God's good blessings. It's funny how in the translation things get turned 180-degrees around once enough power and control gets accumulated at the top and everything and everyone falls in direct line with the propaganda campaigns designed to constantly to attach the labels "good" and "bad", an artificial designation designed to empower earthly rulers and create pharisees who go to hell instead of smoking, drinking, eating, photographing angels who go to heaven.

Chris said...

If there is no smoking, drinking or shaggin, I don't want to go to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!
and BTW charity begins at home.

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