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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What the Carter Ruck?

As we smokers and climate change/global warming sceptics are only to well aware, any reporting of the true facts are non existent in the mainstream media. Of which, that government mouthpiece the BBC, are only too willing to buckle under to pressure from outside influences.

From the BBC’s Royal Charter on independence:
 6. The independence of the BBC
(1) The BBC shall be independent in all matters concerning the content of its output, the times and manner in which this is supplied, and in the management of its affairs.
(2) Paragraph (1) is subject to any provision made by or under this Charter or any Framework Agreement or otherwise by law.
Now the libel lawyers are threatening free speech, of which this country used to have as it’s cornerstone.
The BBC are at it again as they pull all mention of Trifigura from their website under threats from libel lawyers Carter Ruck, in the case that has come to be known as “TrafiguraGate”.
Here is the Newsnight video that Carter Ruck did not want you to see:

Laws are being made every day in this country to keep you, the public, from getting at the truth, whether that truth be about Tobacco, Climate Change or or Human Rights abuses. The public are being blinded, deafened and made dumb by rule of law.

Constantly Furious and Banned have both given their opinions on “TrifiguraGate”.

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