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Monday, 21 December 2009

Hamish Howitt-man of the people-forced to give up trading as a pub landlord…

…Thanks to the UK smoking ban experiment!
Smoking rebel Hamish Howitt’s two Blackpool boozers have closed as he battles the spectre of bankruptcy.
Both Delboys and the Crazy Scot have been forced to shut amid crippling debts.
Hamish blames the smoking ban for his troubles, although his doomed attempt to overturn the ban by letting punters smoke in his pubs saw him hit with huge legal costs.
Both pubs were not what you’d call classics, but had a kind of cut-throat charm.
I wouldn’t rule out Hamish getting back on his feet one day. He’s s real character and the SD salutes him.
Oh, ta very much The Southport Drinker, Your support is appreciated.

I need a bloody hero!


Anonymous said...

If this doesn't alarm anyone into what things are turning into, I don't know what will. Basically, someone has been denied their business and singled out for bankruptcy by a government because someone smoked a cigarette - in essence. Pretty sad news when it's happening not just here but in other countries worldwide too. This is a unprecedented rise in fascism unseen since that of Hitler and Mussolini - meantime everyone goes on supporting their smoking bans and destroying free enterprise and property rights in the process. Nice world going to be left for the next generation coming up who will curse the righteous who allowed this thing to happen. Yes, truly a hero, to stand up against the fascist bully state and permit someone to smoke a cigarette, risking everything in order to see to what was in normal generations for centuries seen as a personal and private property choice decision, nothing of the government's business to be concerned with at all.

TheBigYin said...

Hamish is taking his case to Strazbourg Anon. Here is what Bill Gibson wrote on the F2C forum:

"I can confirm that Hamish has been given the green light to appeal his case to the European Court of Appeal, Strasbourg.. for some reason this has been granted without processing through The Supreme Courts formerly a task undertaken in the House of Lords.

This information was provided by Hamish to me yesterday afternoon (Sunday 20th Dec 2009 ) and he is now working towards having his convictions overturned. When successful, he will obviously be claiming a huge figure in damages"

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