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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I do not believe it!

onefootinthegrave_4_124x69I don’t bloody believe it!
What! This is a windup, surely? Dick Puddlecote, via Taking Liberties, informs us that ASH Scotland (spit) has just secured a large wedge of [your] lottery pounds (that’s on top of your tax money) that goes to these shysters! Kerbloodyching!

Look, I like a punt just like the next man but even I baulk at putting one penny on a one legged horse! (Who was it that coined the phrase “The lottery is nothing but a fools tax”?)

OK, I don't gambol a lot, a pound on the Grand National every year (I gave up on the football pools yonks ago) and a £ every week on  the lottery (using the same numbers) and yes, sure I realised that some pennies from that pound went to the poor blind one legged black Muslim feminist that I did not realise existed but hey, I could win zillions and solve the economy overnight! So, those good causes apart, my  pennies are now going to the ASH’ITES!

It doesn’t matter a jot whether you play the lottery game, they still have me you by the short and curlies:
Do us all a favour ASH Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and the USA (spit) and all you other Cnuts out there:


And now a word from our mega-rich ambulance chaseing sponsor, John F. Banzhaf the III Turd.
I still DON’T BLOODY BELIEVE IT!...But I do now.

1 comment:

Barking Spider said...

How I hate these interfering money-grubbing cunts, TBY!

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