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Sunday, 27 December 2009

ASH, the BBC, and the government money pit

Smokers, it is now to your misfortune that you shall forthwith be officially derided beyond all realms of respect. If you need anything more to convince you of such, you need look no further than a report today on the BBC web site.

Labour MP David Taylor dies following heart attack

Now, Taylor was no friend of smokers, in fact he was a horrendous bansturbator who apparently valued his misconceived self-righteousness over your self-determination and private property rights.

However, any death, even amongst those with whom you disagree, should not be used as a political tool. The BBC obviously have different ideas though, considering their first port of call outside of Labour party colleagues was Deborah Arnott of ASH.

Deborah Arnott, director of the anti-smoking campaign group Ash, said Mr Taylor was "crucial in getting the smoking ban legislation through parliament".

The oven has barely cooled after Christmas 2009 yet Arnott has already been wading in with press releases embargoed for minutes past midnight on Boxing Day, and now sees it acceptable to make political capital for her taxpayer funded organisation when the death of an MP offers column inches.

And the BBC thought a politician's death was an appropriate opportunity to elicit quotes, from the hideous mouthpiece of a publicly-funded fake charity, on a deeply divisive subject.

If we had mentioned the disgraces of David Taylor we would have been roundly castigated as heartless or offensive, so there was no mention, and nor would there have ever been except that ASH seem OK with making a point on the back of a person dying.

Government take your taxes, both directly and indirectly, at pain of hefty punishment. So do the BBC. They funnel these taxes through many channels, one of which is the quite astonishingly heartless ASH.

When someone dies, it would seem that the tripartite anti-smoker system sees it as a great opportunity to make some mileage at your expense.

If you're not yet convinced that you, as a consumer of tobacco, is now considered worthless, this should be a timely, if sickening, wake up call.

We had our differences with Mr Taylor, many of them, but it would be less than human not to offer condolences to his family on such a sad occurrence. May he rest in peace and best wishes to his family.


brenda said...

Nice thoughts Dick to this mans family.
Personally I hope that he rots in Hell along with all the other tossers who at the stroke of a pen spoiled the social lives of millions and banned smoking in pubs and private clubs etc.
I don't suppose he lost any sleep over the spiteful way that he made friends and families became 'smokers' and 'non-smokers' and ruined the social venues in communities.
Well he will be sleeping for a long time now and perhaps if he had enjoyed a smoke he would have lasted longer than the pathetic 63 years that he had.

handymanphil said...

Also Dick, what neither Taylors fellow Labourites nor Arnott stated was the fact that he was standing down at the next election because "the Labour Party were no longer the party he first fought an election for".
Apart from the smoking ban he was totally disallusioned with NuLiebour.
Being in the same pub quiz team as a friend of mine it is also interesting to note that David Taylor was amazed at the closure effect of the SB-well, it cut the number of quiz teams in half which spoilt his pleasure!
The resulting by-election will be an interesting contest now, as NW Leicestershire is made up of many small ex mining communities who rely on their diminishing pubs & clubs for entertainment.
As for Arnott, David Taylors death has simply proved how desperate ASH are to score points!

marley said...

Nice, thoughtful post Dick, the death of any person is always sad, if somewhat predictable. Those who die after causing misery to others however, always seems less upsetting. As for Arnott's comments - very predictable and fully expected from the money grabbing turdpot which is ash. These people have no scruples or morals, just a desire to get rich whilst creating as much human misery as possible. Was Mr Taylor a smoker or did he associate with smokers? Or did he just prove that even the righteous are not exempt from death.

Anonymous said...

As a devout Christian I will not
applaud the death of even my most bitter enemy. I cannot say the same about the pathetic ,cringing
ghouls who cant wait for corpses to cool down before scoring points and waving flags
ASH and their friends will stoop to any depravity to enhance their campaign of hatred.
........SO BE IT................


B7 said...

Deborah Arnott has no Christian morals and is an Empire State Building sized sycophant.

Her connections with alleged Fake Charities go before her, she will stoop as low as possible to gain some cheap publicity.

As for the death of Labour MP David Taylor I can not revel in the death of any living being.

Lets not forget that the David Taylor’s of this world have created a divided society, persecuted upstanding citizens of the UK and have stood by while smokers Human rights have been stolen

It appears he died quickly and suddenly unlike some of our terminally ill who have dragged themselves home to die all because they have been refused the dignity of a last cigarette in the warmth of the indoor hospice environment.

Shame on Labour and on Deborah Arnott.

Anonymous said...

According to Phil Hope MP, David Taylor was a man "who believed deeply in the principles of social justice and co-operation."
I find it ironic that a law he pushed through, the smoking ban is causing one third of smokers to stay at home instead of going out to pubs(according to an NHS Information Centre Report)this is about four million people.

The ban is everything but social justice,if this is in reality how its effecting people. Thanks to the likes of Deborah Arnott,Labour and the fake charity ASH. millions of people no longer go to pubs and are socially excluded.

Barking Spider said...

Thoughtful post, DP, but he can burn in Hell, as far as I'm concerned and, as for Arnott, she can FOAD, just as Taylor did, any time she likes!
I'm sick and tired of these sanctimoious bastards sticking their noses into MY life!!

brenda said...

Barking Spider.
My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

Tell me then Dick, do you have a television, and watch BBC or listen to the BBC radio? Surely a man of your principles would boycote such an organisation..

Or is it more likely that the BBC interviewed people who actually new and worked with David Taylor in a professional capacity..

handymanphil said...

Anonymous-wise up kiddo, people who had not so nice things to say about their MP were left on the cutting room floor!
I suppose 'social justice' included the £8K expenses too much. Looking at the list, the cost of the items 'required' were nothing short of a piss take of the electorate.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon: I stopped paying the licence fee about a year ago, does that count?

(surprisingly hassle-free, I must admit) ;-)

TheBigYin said...

Anon, the BBC was not un-bias in the reporting of this MPs death and the people who "knew and worked with David Taylor" were obviously bias (although I can thoroughly understand why they should be so). I would think that Deborah Arnot was NOT a close friend and fail to understand why the BBC would add her pernicious words, or even ask her for a "quote!"

As a free thinking smoker Dick Puddlecote's original conclusions are above reproach...unless you can make me think differently. You could start by not hiding under your Anon facade.

It would seem that David Taylor was a healthist nut who died at, these days, an early age and his health fanatism did not stop the grim reaper taking him but that does not stop the Health Nazis using him as a 'cause celebre' for the 'bansturbaters' who rule our daily lives.

Debate honestly and unambiguously.or go elsewhere.

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