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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Why UK smokers should fear the Lisbon Treaty

Here is a chilling quote via the Telegraph:

'Lisbon Treaty should mean single EU seat on IMF board'

Simon Johnson, a former IMF chief economist, said that the passing of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, should accelerate moves towards a common European position in international economic institutions.

He said: “People say that the EU is not a country and only countries can have IMF seats, but that doesn’t really stand now that you’ve got Lisbon. The treaty makes the EU as much a single federal entity as some other IMF members.”

So soon? The disenfranchisement of the UK government has begun already. A mere three days after Vaclav Klaus signed away the last resistance to a Europe-wide legislature, and before the Lisbon Treaty goes 'live' on December 1st.

Talk of the EU as a single body dealing exclusively with the affairs of member states, without recourse to national parliaments, should be a worrying development for smokers considering the transparent EU stance on tobacco.

Put quite simply, they hate you, and would like you banned from everywhere.

Markos Kyprianou has called for an EU-wide ban on smoking in public places.

“It is time to bring the debate to the EU level”, the EU health commissioner said as he launched a consultation on policy options to tackle passive smoking.

But Dick, I hear you cry, what's the difference? We UK smokers are banned everywhere already. It's not as if there is anyone at Westminster who is willing to listen to us ... they are only interested in filling their pockets, and we haven't got any money to throw at them.

Yes, you'd be correct. On all counts. But, the EU have bigger plans which, until Lisbon, you had a chance to take up with your elected representative.

Brussels chiefs want to outlaw beer garden ciggie areas - and even extend the ban to open air concerts like this weekend's Glastonbury festival.

The European Commission says the current bar on smoking in enclosed public places does not go far enough. It says non-smokers in outdoor areas are still in danger from passive smoking.

It comes after a World Health Organisation report said workers such as waiters and door staff are exposed to dangerous levels of smoke outside pubs and restaurants. And the smoke can waft back inside buildings through open doors, windows and vents.

Note the words in bold above. The European Commission. The unelected European Commission.

Prior to Lisbon, you, business owners, and anyone else concerned about the loss of liberties when there is no valid reason for their being stripped away, could complain like crazy to their MP. They might not listen, but if they didn't, you had the option of voting against them at the next election.

There is no such luxury with the European Commission, as they are appointed, not elected. They are above democracy, rendering you irrelevant.

With the first moves in erasing the idea of a British nation, as a separate entity within Europe, already surfacing at the IMF, it's not going to be long before the steamroller of EU dictatorship fires up its engine and embarks on the flattening of the freedoms they have been planning on crushing for quite a long while.

And, legally, there is not a damn thing you can do about it.


Anonymous said...

Iam now afraid to give my opinion for fear of being taken away in the night by the secret service. Sorry.

Marc said...

See the Right2Bet website - - for an example of a grassroots campaign to change EU law in favour of freedom of choice. Governments shouldn't be able to restrict our choices when it comes to betting within the EU, so please sign the petition to put an end to the hypocritical status quo!

BTS said...

On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Gorgon had these words:

"You tore down the wall and you changed the world. You tore down the wall that for a third of a century had imprisoned half a city, half a country, half a continent and half the world."

As opposed to what he should have said:

"I love what you've done with the place. The open plan look really creates a sense of space.."

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm aware East Berlin, was an experiment. And as we can see it failed when the wall came down.

The wall came down so easily in the end, the authorities not bothering to contest it. So it's occurred to me that they let it fall because they knew the experiment was on on-going, only on a much bigger scale, in the guise of the EU, they knew that East Berliners would only have complete freedom for about 20 years, after that it would be the unelected elites ruling the roost, enjoying everything to be denied the commoners. They knew, that not just East Berliners would go back to being taxed and controlled until they were again left with nothing, no money, freedom, privacy or civil liberties, but the rest of the people of the EU would be subject to this control too. They also knew that member states would no longer be independent. And you can bet your life that some of those East Berliners that were leaders of the EB experiment are also involved with the EU. The same as they're are many communists from the Eastern Bloc countries making the decisions in Brussels.

Any fight for smoking ban experiment reforms are a complete waste of time in this country, as from 2012 the EU is to introduce a blanket ban EU wide. The fight would need to go to Brussels, and there is no chance of them listening. Not until they have complete control of tobacco companies. Because I believe this is what they aim to achieve.

I'm sorry but people in this country only have themselves to blame for the loss of their independence & freedom, they've done nothing, many have just seen it an easy way to go on holiday. That's the mentality here.

We reap what we sow. Unfortunately we're all going to have to reap what's coming.

God help us all.

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