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Monday, 23 November 2009

Toxic keyboards

Well we've heard it all now with the news that Apple disinherit warranty's if smokers are involved. I mean to say, what is all this goalpost shifting about? ... 1&blogid=4

This makes Simple simon think of the ludicrous 'study' by that ludicrous Dr Jonathon Winikoff whereby he 'shocked' the world with his revelations of 3rd hand smoke! Funnily enough the good DR refused to talk to this writer after a lengthy email ridiculing his limbecilc phone call study as nothing short of cheap assed sensationalism.
Does it not strike you that Apple may have decided that 'toxic particulate' will have embedded itself/themselves within the computer just waiting for an Apple technician to start fiddling before leaping out to strangle the misfortunate creature.
Are Winikoff & Apple now in cahoots for they both act with the same incredible stupidity - 3rd hand smoke/contaminated keyboards, for God's sake! Yet I bet they all drive round in gas guzzlers polluting the very air we all breathe!

I can see law suits emerging here as Apple, probably prompted by Winikoff's wondrous phone research are denying certain customers their rights to repair.

What is for sure is that the depths to which anti smokers are prepared to plummet are getting deeper and more absurd by the week. Any opportunity to worsen the smokers already dismal plight seems fair game for these people - but their day is coming.

It is coming simply because this healthist freakery is bankrupting the world as we know it. The idiot known as Herr Brown has already voiced intention to borrow a mere £173bn to see us through the worst of it next year. Jesus bloody wept, the worst of it next year will be NuLiebour in power until May. How much poorer will we be by the next election?

California, the home of all bans, is now bankrupt, so 'Arnie baby' is contemplating legalising marijuana as it will bring in much taxable revenue. But how is marijuana consumed....errrrrm?
Well sod me folks, we roll it up in a cigarette and SMOKE it! So ban smoking to get in the shit and then sell legalised shit to get out of it again! Marvellous system.

Back to the toxic/Apple situation. It cannot get more ludicrous than this so I am fully expecting a 'board position' to be made for Winikoff - with, of course, a free gas guzzler thrown in!


TheBigYin said...

I thought this was a wind up when I first read it. Why am I so surprised? There are no lengths that these zealots will not go. In these days of high unemployment you can't even get a job, regardless of your credentials, because you smoke. The absurdity of this is unbearable!

Anonymous said...

Well put Phil


What an absolute wagon train full
of Road Runner shite. a total
jumbo load of yellow livered
Yankee schmuck loose stools.

No wonder the Teleban are on a winner with that bunch of dimshits.

Dell Boy

Anonymous said...

One would assume that this applies to new warranties only.

My next laptop was going to be a Mac - just changed my mind.

Leg-iron said...

Looks like the iPod, iPhone and all the rest are off my Christmas list.

This needs a wider audience - if you smpoke, avoid Apple products because they won't honour the warranty. presuimably it also applies if you live with a smoker or if one visits your house?

How long before they refuse to fix nmachines bought by drinkers, fat people, meat eaters...

Best be on the safe side and just not buy them.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting page not found on yr pc advisor link..... can you fix it plz?Thanks!

TheBigYin said...

I'm getting the same thing catinthehat, seems like PCAdvisor have removed it.  But I found another link on the same subject.


TheBigYin said...

Update: I have now found the original PC Advisor link thanks to Leg-Iron on his blog on the same issue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks TBY!

camilynn said...


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