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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hi, I’m giving up smoking – fly me DELTA


E-cigarette may look like a cigarette, cigar or pipe so we have banned them.

It must be clear by now, even to the most rabid of anti-smokers, that smoking bans have absolutely nothing to do with health and everything to do with the denormalisation of smokers and their [legal] product of choice.

From what I can gather from my flying smoker friends, using this form of transport is pretty arduous; from the time you arrive at the check in desk to the time you check out at your destination.

It is no surprise then that smokers turn to other means of relaxation in the absence of a pucker tobacco product. Those other means being the smokeless e-cigarette or SNUS. SNUS has been banned in this country, in fact in all member states with the exception of Sweden, by the EU since 1992. The e-cigarette has been banned in some states in the US such as Oregon when anti-smoking guru and ambulance chasing lawyer, and all round lunatic,  John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) took a hissy fit against them.

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Enter the Dragon Delta air.

Our friends from C.A.G.E. (Citizens Against Government Encroachment) have encountered Delta air’s ban on their planes and indeed one of their members wrote to them questioning the ban on the e-cigarette and, unbelievably SNUS.

Here is the letter sent to, and reply from, DELTA, reproduced on the C.A.G.E. blog, sent by one of their members.  First here is where DELTA states the bleeding obvious:

Thank you for contacting us through We are sorry for the delay in responding to your message.

A device known as electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is available to the public.

- It is marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and used to assist users in their efforts to quit smoking.

- E-cigarette may look like a cigarette, cigar or pipe. [ ED: Is the penny dropping yet?]

- The cigarette makes a mist that resembles normal cigarette smoke. The mist dissipates quickly and is both odorless and colorless.

So where is the problem, you can’t smell anything, it’s a colourless, odourless mist for goodness sake! Where’s the bloody problem?

- Due to continued instances of passengers attempting to smoke real cigarettes on board and the potential concern from passengers, the use of electronic, simulated smoking materials including cigarettes, pipes and cigars, is prohibited on all Delta flights.

Ahh, not content with vilifying smokers on terra firma by associating them with the worst kind of mass murderer they now are the main instigators of air rage! And here was me thinking that air rage was the province of the alcohol drinker? (Drinkers, it will be your turn next.)

- While Delta / Delta Connection do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board, they are permitted in the passenger's carry-on luggage.

Well that’s a great help to those that want to give up smoking by alternative methods, isn’t it.

As you can imagine, dear readers, this cut no ice with the member of C.A.G.E. Canada who promptly replied, and I will not add any remarks as the reply speaks eloquently for itself.

Thank you for replying.

I know exactly what an electronic cigarette is, I own one myself. But it's not tobacco, or smokeless tobacco. It is not much different in principle than a pharmaceutical nicotine inhaler. Why would you allow those, or do you? It is only a substitute to smoking and as you say it is colorless and odorless and it contains absolutely no tobacco. Perhaps if the attendants would explain to the ''concerned'' assistance in the plane what this device is all about at the very beginning of the flight, they wouldn't be so ''worried'' about thinking someone is lighting up? This would not only enhance smokers' travelling experience, it would also appease those craving nicotine and you would have less of the incidents of people lighting up as you say. Why not offer complimentary e-cigarettes on board, or even sell them? That would make you stand out, wouldn't it? What good is an e-cigarette in the carry-on luggage?

But this doesn't explain why all smokeless tobacco is banned. What about SNUS? Why would you not tolerate that? Isn't enhancing your customers' flight experience part of good business?

It looks like a cigarette, cigar, pipe that emits an odourless, colourless vapour…but is it? Or could it be a fiendish instrument of torture to the anti-smoking airlines? Are smokers now terrorists?

Flying from the UK? Why not try Delta Air, your sharing, caring airline.

Hat Tip to C.A.G.E. Canada.


Barking Spider said...

These cunts become more ridiculous and tyrannical with every move they make! I'd love to put the whole bloody lot of them up against a wall and make the fuckers dance for a few seconds!!

Snakey said...

The older I get the more convinced I am that 99% of the human race is totally insane.

Anonymous said...

Nothing this government does (or that of other UN member govts) makes sense. Their laws contradict one another. They say one thing and do the opposite. There is no way to work out what should be legal and what not, because none of it makes sense.

Therefore, since you are guilty until proven innocent, your only choice is total obedience to Authority.

You can, of course, rebel. But then you will be punished - put out of action, face heavy sanction for minor 'offences'.

Freedom is slavery. It's meant to be chaotic, to confuse, to enrage. That's what the communist manual prescribes for taking over a nation.

Anonymous said...

You did not mention that the e-cig is banned in Norway, no-one seems to know why. The device itself in not banned in Denmark, but the nicotine cartridges are. The only way to deal with this is a drive to get the e-cig into the mainstream media. Not gonna happen.

Outraged Englishwoman

TheBigYin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheBigYin said...

I missed that Outraged Woman, I had no idea that the e-cig was banned in Norway.

I, nor F2C, (the organisation,) are in favour of nicotine replacement foisted on us by big pharma that are nothing more than a sop to the tobacco enthusiast while they are being persecuted, but do see it as a legitimate business and in no way should it be interfered with by the state.

It's the nanny state gone mad.

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