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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The time for talk is over, they aint listening. Its time for [peaceful] protest!

Freedom2Choose members have been invited to a march on December the 7th by Inez Ward (Justice for Licensees) to take part in this protest, along with other groups, Pub Revolution & Fair Pint amongst them. F2C and JFL are now working together to save the once great British Pubs & Clubs and will be there along with Shisha Bars/Cafe owners to protest about the Smoking Ban Experiment in social engineering that has been a big influence in their demise; over 52 pubs/clubs a week are closing.


Phil Johnson, F2C's Club & Pub Liaison Officer, is delighted to be part of this peaceful protest as this is the start of showing those in power that people power is greater. For too long have the British people sat back and allowed their human rights to be taken away from them one by one. Never should the smoke-ban law been allowed to be in it's present form as the cost to businesses and human misery has been colossal. I urge all people opposed to this form of government control to join the march and join the fight to regain our dignity and our human rights.

From Justice for Licensees:
There will be a peaceful protest march in London on 7th December 2009 to highlight to the government and the rest of the country that action is demanded now. The continuing onerous practices of the pubcos are not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated. It is a completely unfair system which has been to the gain of a few and to the detriment of thousands.
The imposition of the SBE was just one nail in the coffin of the pub & club trade and it was not helped by the Pubcos demanding a “level playing field” which ultimately heralded in a full smoking ban without exemptions to pubs or clubs as was intended in the infamous ‘Labour Manifesto’ of 2005, now dubbed The Liars Manifesto.  And here is their legacy.

Tenants are suffering, they are losing their homes and livelihoods, children are being affected, tenants do not earn the National Minimum wage in far too many instances, they work in excess of 80 hours a week, they do not have the finances to input back into their business, they are suffering illness and very sadly in some circumstances they are committing suicide. Quite frankly it is just not good enough, there has to be change and there has to be change now! Two government inquiries have demanded it and now the tenants and consumers are demanding it!
JFLLOG Justice for Licensees
We will all meet at:
Jubilee Gardens (near to the London Eye) SE1 7PB @10am.
The march is due to start @ midday.

Justice for Licensees on Facebook

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