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Friday, 13 November 2009

Rankin video stubbed out

Remember that disgraceful video created by photographer Rankin for the Birmingham NHS Trust? You know the one, it's the one that simply breeds more hatred from anti smokers toward smokers for now, thanks to this hate mongering piece of garbage it seems as if open warfare has been declared on smokers.
Rankin decided to portray a smoker being 'beaten up from within'. Very clever-I don't think! What it has done is to entice aggressive non smokers to attack smokers willynilly in order to force them to stop.
It truly is amazing just how low some organisations will stoop in order to get the favoured anti smoking message across.
Apparently, NHS Birmingham East and North was hoping the campaign would get through to "hard to reach" smokers – specifically white males aged 35-55 in the C2DE socio-economic category – living in the most deprived parts of the area. Has it ever occurred to these puritanical turds that people in such socio-economic categories don't have a great deal to look forward to anymore so a pint & fag is their only comfort?
Yesterday this villainous video was stopped in its tracks by our very own Dave Atherton, freelance journalist Patsy Nurse & UKIP councillor Malcolm Davis who complained vociferously that the video was nothing short of announcing 'open season' on smokers.
It would seem that Birmingham Primary Care Trust were oblivious to the never ending list of assaults, even shootings, of smokers worldwide. You see they live in their own little cocooned world of self righteousness where only that deemed by 'nanny' to be correct is in fact correct.
It does not occur to these pea brained pillocks that other people may enjoy a different lifestyle.
It does not occur to these pea brained pillocks that the money wasted on anti smoking propaganda would be better spent on cleaner, safer, germ free hospital wards.
It does not occur to these pea brained pillocks that if the whole country gave up smoking, their income tax would rocket and that the NHS would struggle to be funded at all!
But, back to our three intrepid complainants. Having voiced their considerable concerns the Trust has now agreed to 'pull' this 1 minute bilge-video after the catalogue of injurious attacks on smokers was divulged. Apparently it has two more weeks to 'run' on U-Tube and then it is kaput, gonski, binned!
Thank God for small mercies.
Why the Trust ever allowed this to be shown in the first place is beyond me for had this been a scenario of 'AIDS' attacking the body of a homosexual there would have been an uproar-but you see, it's only us smokers so it doesn't matter really in the minds of the pea brained pillocks that try to run our lives.
Isn't it interesting to note that most councils rate "Quit Smoking" as a more serious agenda than domestic violence/assault! What a sad, sad world we now live in-bu hey! our '3 muskateers' have managed to get this bilge off the screen. perhaps, now, other councils will think twice before declaring 'open season' on smokers in such a cavalier fashion. Just think, we could even be brought in as an 'advisory capacity'!
Well done Dave, Patsy & Malcolm, we applaud each and every one of you.


TheBigYin said...

Yes, well done Dave, Patsy,Malcolm and anyone else who protested about this vile video. If you have not seen it it is on the right column of this page with the title "fightback."

As Dick Puddlecote says no other section of the community in the UK would sanction this type of hate video so why should smokers be singled out.

Rankin should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

To Dave,Patsy and Malcolm well done, that's a brilliant result.

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