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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Salt, salt, glorious salt

Is there no area in our daily lives that this government will not poke it’s nose?
Another survey (remember the Third Hand Smoke survey?) by, and you will never believe this, a fake charity, CASH, sticks the proverbial boot in to Pasta Sauces:

Warning over salt in pasta sauces

Consensus Action on Salt and Health surveyed 190 types of sauces.
It said that, on average, leading brands contained 25% more salt than supermarket own-brand options.
Chef Jamie Oliver's Spicy Olive and Garlic sauce contained the most salt, at 3g per 100g. His spokesman said they were working on new lower salt recipes.
So saint Jamie is not such a saint after all, what a way to go for this unofficial food tsar eh.
Information 'missing'
Cash nutritionist Katharine Jenner said: "Pasta with sauce is a quick and simple meal for many of us but this survey shows it can be incredibly hard to choose a healthy option.
"There are still some sauces on the shelves with really high levels of hidden salt. We urge manufacturers to reduce their salt content and improve their labelling immediately."
Tomato-based sauces and those containing olives and bacon tended to be most salty, (no shit Sherlock) whereas versions with chilli or basil were more likely to be lower.
The survey highlighted Weight Watchers' Roasted Garlic sauce, with 0.1g of salt per 100g, Co-operative Arrabiata Pasta Sauce Fresh (0.25g) and Sainsbury's Spicy Tomato Sauce Fresh (0.28g) as being among those with the lowest content.
These people really need to get a bloody life, and stay the hell away from mine.
Right, I’m off to the movies, I need a laugh.

Ohhhh chit!


Curmudgeon said...

It is amusing, though, that the sauce endorsed by such an obnoxious, patronising, bansturbatory snob such as Jamie Oliver turned out to have the highest salt content of the lot ;-)

TheBigYin said...

It is indeed Cumrudgeon, I had a little chuckle to myself when I read it but now his advisors are backpeddling and are bending over backwards to take the salt out of their food. Why am I thinking bandwagon, money, jump on?

Why do they take people for fools. I love salt, I put too much salt on my food sometimes and have to fling it because it tastes foul. It's the same with alcohol, I drink too much and feel ill, so much so that I will not do it again...until the next time.

I am now learning to savour such things, not indulge.

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