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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

David Goerlitz, ex “Winston Man” turns on Tobacco Control









As I mentioned back in June:

David Goerlitz, was the "Winston Man" for a tobacco brand in the USA before turning on his bosses and throwing his hand in with the anti tobacco lobby. He soon found out how these rabid zealots would stop at nothing to get their own way, and how! David Goerlitz could smell the hypocrisy more than any amount of second hand smoke.

In the latest Press Release from Freedom2Choose David comments:

“There is no reason in the world with all our technology and brainpower that we have not been able to come up with something more reasonable, fair and logical than the junk science the anti-smoking power hungry zealots are throwing at us. The media has to be held accountable as well, as more and more evidence has been uncovered showing the lies and corruption being used by tobacco control as we know it.”

Goerlitz concludes his comments by vowing to work with TICAP, Freedom2Choose and Forces International to “help make the changes necessary so that dignity and respect can once again replace control, prohibition and coercion.”

You can listen to an interview given by David Goerlitz to Christopher Snowdon, author of Velvet Glove | Iron Fist.


BTS said...

See the two blokes in the picture above? Chap on the left; cigarette casually hanging from his lips. Guy on the right; dodgy 'tache. Which one's cooler, I ask you..?

Captain Ranty said...

This is an inspired interview. I would urge everyone to listen closely. Its powerful stuff.

Dave Goerlitz has invaluable experience of the anti-smoker movement. He needs more exposure.

Maybe then the scales will fall from peoples eyes.


Anonymous said...

Great interview Chris, I agree Ranty.

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