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Thursday, 24 September 2009

An answer to Birmingham Bullies

Sally BrooksActing
Head of Communications and Involvement
NHS Birmingham East and North.

Dear Ms Brooks,
I have read with great interest your somewhat garbled reply to Mr Martin Thornton of Kent in his objection to the vile video released against smokers. I'm afraid to say that Mr Thornton is 100% correct in his view-it is nothing but inciting hatred and violence toward smokers, no less, complete discrimination against a minority. Is that not illegal?

Quote:- " One in five people in this country die as a result of smoking, but in our area that figure is higher, and we are committed to supporting these communities to live healthier and longer lives."
Let us put this ridiculous statement to bed immediately Ms Brooks! You cannot categorically state that one in five people die as a result of smoking, it is merely an alarmist figure to inspire fear (you hope) into smokers. The air from heavy traffic is far more polluted than that which a smoker creates.Secondly, and this truly shows how ignorant your 'team' are in pursuit of taxpayers money which funds your own puritanical lifestyles, why do people want to live longer in misery and poverty? Are you not aware that the government is spending more on benefits than actually raking in from NI contributions? Are you not aware either that the government would be exceedingly pleased for every male in this country to actually die the day after their 65th birthday for we have no pension funds to speak of?

Quote:- "The stop smoking campaign is aimed at hardened smokers who have so far been unaffected by previous advertising campaigns".
"Hardened smokers"-has it not occurred to your 'think tank' that perhaps hardened smokers are just that-hardened smokers! They don't want to 'quit', 'give up', bow to pressure' or however you would term it. People enjoy smoking thus it is not for the likes of your publicly funded (my money) organisations to instruct on individual lifestyles. If smoking is THAT dangerous why is a 20 per day smoker now celebrating her 102nd birthday?

Quote:-"We tested it thoroughly with focus groups, and feel we have created something that has a good chance of working."
And exactly which 'smoke free' focus groups did you test this on?

Quote:- "The campaign is indeed shocking, but so is the impact smoking has on the body."
Thank you for admitting the campaign is shocking, indeed it is distastefully shocking, not your usual 'shock/horror'. The film is an absolute disgrace to all law abiding citizens of this country for it does nothing but incite hatred and violence. Would you produce this in a campaign against Moslems/Gays/Disabled etc? I don't think so, for you would be prosecuted and severely penalised, even by our now somewhat dubious legal system!

"...but so is the impact smoking has on the body"
Ms Brooks, please allow me to inform you that smoking has had a great impact on my body (& mind!) for my body, having survived 48 years of smoking is a very happy body! It's now 58 years old but it functions perfectly well thank you. As for the mind, well, I think by this letter you can see that it also works rather well! As for death the day after my 65th birthday, well sobeit Ms Brooks, if my time is up-it's up! You may clap and dance in glee as I will not have cost this, or any other, government any pension funds they have not got yet I will go to the crematorium knowing that people like you have wasted my taxpayers money throughout my life-sad last thought isn't it!

Quote:- "As a local NHS trust, we are responsible for the health of our local community."
You are responsible for the care of your community-should that community, singularly or as a whole, become ill-not dictating how to possibly avoid the many illnesses we may succumb to, whether caused by air pollutants or not! Should I mention genetic diseases here that can be fatal? I would have thought that 'as a NHS Trust' you would be more inclined to improve hospital 'beddage' not cuts, decrease the immense amount of departmental managers within the NHS not create more and more desk jobs.Get your own house in order woman and leave lifestyles to those who enjoy them.
Yours sincerely
Phil (the smoker) Johnson


Chris said...

I too complained about their video...and got the same sort of reply.
My reply to their reply was a lot less garbled!

BTS said...

If one in five people in this country die due to smoking that would mean that every smoker must die due to smoking and nothing else. Does that mean that we're immune to everything else because most people reckon the booze will get me first?

I have heard rumours of a sweepstake..

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