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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stats the way to do it!

This humble blog has just seen over twenty thousand visitors, (20,o14 in fact, at this time of writing,) which is not bad going since we only started blogging around mid April this year.
Our humble blog has, so far, been visited by sixty countries, excluding our own, from all over the world, (where else would they be? :))
Who would have thought a humble blog like ours, talking about tobacco, it’s users and illiberal bansterbators with their junk science backed up by fake charities, would have attracted such attention?
Of course this is no time for the authors of this (did I mention humble?) blog to be slapping ourselves on the back, we should be slapping you readers and commentators on the back with a heartfelt “thank you!”
And of course it is not forgotten that you all put us on the blogging map by voting for us.

Page Loads    Unique Visitors    First Time Visitors    Returning Visitors
Total     20,036     10,494     6,079     4,415
Average     4,007     2,099     1,216     883
Month    Page Loads    Unique Visitors    First Time Visitors    Returning Visitors
Sep 2009     1,457     855     527     328
Aug 2009     5,163     2,936     1,759     1,177
Jul 2009     5,525     3,011     1,690     1,321
Jun 2009     5,423     2,527     1,410     1,117
May 2009     2,468     1,165     693     472

What a difference a few short months make.

PS: Thank you all the bloggers out there that have linked to us.  Looking at your blogs tells me that this country is not doomed after all!


Pat Nurse said...

Well done F2C - keep up the fight and keep on writing. Who needs MSM when we have writers of this calibre!

TheBigYin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheBigYin said...

Messed that lost comment up with a typo.

Pat, your recent blog item on Tea and Cigarettes, and on the Taking Liberties blog, does wonders for the likes of me when facing the lies and downright b/s meted out by the fake charites we all know and hate. Your recent excursion to the UKIP conference was a revelation. (I'll get my act together and comment.)

Just getting used to a new keyboard, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :}

Mark Wadsworth said...

Wow! Is that the Pat Nurse who spoke at UKIP conference?

Anyway, well done, keep up the good work.

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