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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Have you spotted Richard (call me Dick) puddlecote recently…

…if not it’s because he’s been bansturbated, that’s why!  Ok, I’m having a larf at Dicks expense (giggle) but surely this just has to be a joke also?

SPOTTED Dick has been banned from a staff  canteen for being "too rude" — and replaced with Spotted RICHARD.

I’m sure someone at the Sun newspaper is pulling my pud!  So I checked on the ‘interweb’ thingy.
I got my Spotted Dick out of my girlfriend Fanny. I know many chaps who got Spotted Dick whilst on visits to Bangkok, but there's really nothing like the traditional English version.
Case solved, the Sun story is a load of old chocolate…
It melts quickly but leaves a distinct aftertaste.
Case solved!
(Can’t stop giggling for some strange reason!)


Shibby said...


Barking Spider said...

I'm with Shibby!

John Demetriou said...

So THAT'S where you got that image, you naughty man!


TheBigYin said...

John D - The blog above was hastily put together and I forgot to tell the less alert among you to click on the pics. I particularly liked the old soldiers link to "recipe of the world."

Here's a it were:


Some people like to shape their dick thicker and longer than others. You'll have to decide what size is right for you and yours. There are plenty of websites offering help in this regard. Grab the stick of butter and apply to the dick. Insert into a pre-heated oven, taking it out and putting it back in again repeatedly. Then wait a week and see if you have Spotted Dick.

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