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Friday, 11 September 2009

Pfizer's community service

The local authority in Leicester have seized a 'free lunch' with both hands.

A Leicester estate with one of the highest smoking rates in the country is to be targeted in a major drive to help people quit the habit.

The plan is to persuade more than 5,500 smokers in New Parks to stub out their cigarettes by Christmas.

New Parks was chosen for the launch after drug company Pfizer, which has developed and paid for the campaign, invited people across the country to say why their neighbourhood deserved to benefit first from the project.

Hold on. Rewind that a tad.

Did someone mention convicted fraudsters, Pfizer?

Pfizer would not say how much it was spending on the campaign because the information was said to be "commercially sensitive".

The company manufactures the stop-smoking drug Champix, but will not be promoting it during the campaign.

It seems they did. So we can happily take them on their word that they won't be promoting their drugs during this campaign. After all, we all trust fraudsters, don't we?

It's undoubtedly the truth. Why lie when they don't need to promote their depression and suicide causing drugs because ... the local NHS trust will no doubt do it for them, aided by Pfizer cash, like elsewhere.

Gawd bless their charitable hearts, eh?


handymanphil said...

This will be a massive waste of time but it will be hailed as a great success without doubt. The good people of New Parks do what they want to do, not what some glory mongering nitwit from the anti brigade think they should.
No doubt the 'doorknockers' will be on overtime rates and praying they don't get a smack in the kisser!

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose that Pzifer have advertised the fact that they are subject to numerous law-suits in the USA.

Are they keeping that bit on the quiet and hitting the vulnerable and weak UK government to pursue their fraudulent profits instead?

Let's face it, they're not very welcome in the US are they?

I just hope that the grand people of Leicester (who they deem need there interference) are able to stand up for themselves and don't let the fraudulent propaganda with the millions piled in to make it work brainwash them.

God help us all if Pzifer is able to inflitrate into our communities

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