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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Virgin on the ridiculous


Richard Branson, ex-smoker and druggy, backs moves to annihilate  a legitimate business because he does not like their product, a product that he once used unhindered from cigarette vending machines and/or tobacco displays in shops or supermarkets.

The Virgin boss, an exsmoker, says more has to be done to stop children being sucked into "lethal addiction".

This is the same Richard Branson that smokes pot with his children:

Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson has revealed that he has taken drugs with his son.

The extrovert billionaire says he smoked cannabis with model son Sam, now 21, during a surfing holiday in Australia.

Sir Richard, 57, "I went with my son on his gap year. We had some nights where we laughed our heads off for eight hours."

He goes on to insist:

"I don't think smoking the occasional spliff is all that wrong. I'd rather my son did it in front of me than behind closed doors."

Is that with or without tobacco?  Or do you prefer anything a little harder?

He said: "I took ecstasy once. But it didn't have a massive effect on me". Of cocaine, he said: "I suspect I've tried it, yes."

Na, that shit is not my bag either Sir Richard and I don’t suspect I've tried any of them either, in fact I know I haven't.  You must have been off your face so you wouldn’t remember, would you!

In a further bid to dehumanise smokers and where they get their LEGAL fix he urges us all to write to our MP’s:

In a letter to newspaper editors, Branson writes: "Getting rid of cigarette vending machines will help save lives. And plain packaging will help take the glitz and glamour out of tobacco."

He also urges voters to write to their MPs to ask them to support the Bill.

Sorry Sir Rich, won’t be doing that but might just write to them about your companies carbon footprint, after all, if you can jump on a bandwagon so can we.  What is the biggest part of your business again?  Ah yes, gas guzzling aeroplanes that are choking us all to death just as much as the flashy cars you drive.  It won’t stop my flying off for my hols though, just the same as killing off the Cigarette Vending machine industry or wrapping fags up in plain covers will have no impact on incidences of smoking or underage smoking.

If you really want to know how you have been scammed by the bansturbators I really would urge you to read Chris Snowdon’s blog on the Plain Packaging ruse, you might bloody learn something!

Now go do something useful, go play with a balloon, the bigger the better and keep going up, and up, and up and…


Anonymous said...

Sir Richard, 57, "I went with my son on his gap year."

That makes him as bad as Michael Jackson.

Except he's white, obviously. If a touch ginger.

Anonymous said...

Great, Mr whiter than white, maybe people would prefer you not to spew out the shite of of them big airplanes! All that crap raining down on the poor little chiiillldren, give me a break, what a bloody hypocrite. What screwed up thoughts he has. Not that I am against holidays, but as virgin are manly long haul flights and I have banned myself from using them, I have nothing to lose.
mandy v

Anonymous said...

The arguments for getting rid of displays in shops are completely and totally ridiculous. Cigarettes can only be brought by adults at the age of eighteen so what exactly has such a display to do with children? Absolutely nothing!

This is being done to make people feel intimidated when asking for cigarettes.As is the smoking ban,this would be yet another act of government endorsed smoker hatred.

Anonymous said...

Well done TBY, exactly my thoughts when I heard this. What a prat he is.

BTS said...

Branson's not stupid. He knows that sales of crayons will shoot through the roof if they introduce plain packaging and has just bought out Crayola to cash in..

Pat Nurse said...

"And plain packaging will help take the glitz and glamour out of tobacco." Really? Branson can't have had much to do with tobacco recently or he would know there is nothing glamorous about a cig packet showing rotten teeth, a corpse, or a dying baby. After pushing for that crap, the antis now wish to waste more of our tax payers' money by abandoning that idea for plain packaging.

Branson is obviously nuts. As for the display ban, why isn't he also calling for the display of alcohol to be hidden in supermarkets where babies, children and teens do their grocery shopping with their parents every week?

This is all so stupid and none of it makes any sense unless you understand it from the point that people like Branson are sanctimonious bigots!

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