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Thursday, 10 September 2009

From one religion to another

When you're paid to be fanatically anti-smoking, there isn't a day or occasion goes by without an opportunity to justify your salary.

Ramadan is the best time to stop smoking

NHS Tower Hamlets has sponsored a calendar setting out the timetable for Ramadan 2009

The calendar carries the message ‘Ramadan is the best time to stop smoking’

Ramadan starts on 22 August and lasts for 30 days. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world fast - abstain from food, drink and tobacco use - during the daylight hours.

It's also the best time to stop eating fatty foods and drinking wine, one would assume, but then the NHS doesn't receive pharma cash advocating that.


TheBigYin said...

Damn, only around 12 days to go, is it too late to convert to Islam?

Anonymous said...

Tower Hamlets is one of the most corrupt councils in the country, ask George Galloway, so they'll promote anything that involves money being given to them.

Anonymous said...

Ramadam is the time when muslims starve themselves,never has the phrase not enough hours in the day seemed so apt.

budgie said...

I'm surprised they haven't advised Christians to give up smoking during Lent. Actually, I'm not - they probably don't approve of Christian values

Mac the Knife said...

"...but then the NHS doesn't receive pharma cash advocating that."


Lord Lindley said...

Why are the NHS spending our money on sponsoring calenders, when they complain about lack of funding? Especially muslim ones. Mind you they are the biggest users I suppose. Shame they pay bugger all in really..

Anonymous said...

Big Yin
It was last month mate so you missed it.

Ramadan Mubarak

TheBigYin said...

I thought it ran till the 22nd of September? Ah well, there's always next year to stop smoking, innit.

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