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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Who & the WHO

When I think back, I can almost pinpoint where it all went wrong for this country.

The war was over, people were happy and willing to work, industry aplenty, education standards rising and there was a general air of expectancy within the people. I was a mere whippersnapper in the 50's but I distinctly remember my dad declaring Jerry Lee Lewis to be a 'bloody idiot' as he bounced his way through Great Balls of Fire when I was 7 years old-and I thought it was brilliant. Well, what 7 year old kid could appreciate big band music and THAT dancing? Michael Holiday followed with The Story of my Life, a beautiful song that has stayed in my mind to this very day. But that was it, even as young as I was I knew I was witnessing something special and as we marched into the 60's I knew I was right, the old guard were suffering terribly at the hands of the new era of music bursting through. The Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, pop music, the new sound was there in abundance. And then the greatest sound of all time-Motown!

Berry Gordy was the guilty party, it was he that introduced us to the Motown Label and it was simply supreme (no pun intended). I had never heard anything like it in my life.

The 60's were just an evergreen oasis of sounds to me as I could flick between 'our' music & 'motown' in an instance. I never tired of hearing Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Four Tops (originally the Four Aims) or Smokey Robinson yet neither did I tire of all the British bands that were rocking all over this wonderfully carefree country. Mods & Rockers were born and I knew we were in a great big vacuum of change; it was truly wonderful as the old Victorian ways slowly died and this modern culture prevailed. Life seemed so much more pleasant, so much more easy going, so much happier. I did what I had to do at school and left, I should have gone on to A Levels but my old man put paid to that idea. I never took any notice of politics though British Constitution did interest me at school-I wish I had taken notice as to be a career politician seems to open many, many doors in this day and age and provide an extremely acceptable living standard!

I remember 'The Who' released a 'belter' of a song "My Generation" which typified the mood of the late 60's and not long after that the worst thing that could ever happen to a nation occurred-the 'do-gooders' got a foot in the door! OK, so millions of errant schoolboys no longer faced the humiliation and pain of being caned by some stick wielding possible paedophile and the local 'bobby' could no longer clip you round the earhole to stop you entering the criminal fraternity but that was the time when this country started going downhill-fast!

Amazingly enough another rock legend 'Status Quo' released "Down Down" as the world was facing the threat of the do-gooders. Nobody forecast the immense creation as Sir George Edward Godber rose to prominence and delivered his speech in 1975. In actual fact Godber had this to say in 1967...


"The smoker"   chooses for his own gratification to introduce into his own personal micro-environment the agent that will do him harm.

What we are trying to do is to persuade him that that voluntary act is not only a long term threat to his future, but also an inducement to others to adopt the same folly.

We are in fact asking for an almost infinite number of acts at self-abnegation so that a dirty and dangerous habit can be eliminated from our society."

Sir George E, Godber, M.D.,
Chief Medical Officer,
British Ministry of Health
Notice he is already on the track of smoker obliteration by citing that 'smokers were an inducement to others to smoke'! What a load of claptrap for people smoke if they want to smoke just the same as people eat mushy peas because they want to eat mushy peas. I can't stand the sight of the green sludge so I refrain from eating such, cannot a normal human being refrain from smoking if they don't like it?

Now we come to the WHO (not the singing variety unfortunately). The WHO were set up to monitor and improve health standards worldwide-it seems that they have given up on that idea! They state that "A major environmental factor affecting health is water quality." Righty ho then, so why aren't they concentrating on clean water for impoverished nations? If the third world was given the opportunity of running water and educated to even a moderate standard of hygiene then the WHO would surely be fulfilling their obligations and their own mandate! How many times do we (this country) send £millions in aid to some country, victim of the elements yet again. We recently sent Pakistan £73m but I haven't heard one single offering of what it has been spent on or even if it reached the very people it needed to reach! Again, the WHO stated that 10m people had been forced to drink unsafe water-so why, in the interests of human safety and health, had the WHO not already implemented a 'clean water programme' and paid for water plants and pipelines? Why have they left this important development completely alone, not mentioning it until disaster strikes?

The WHO are primarily concerned with peoples health-fair enough-but why have they ignored the major drug problem this world has? If the WHO want to make their mark on this world then surely they would want to stamp out the illegal drugs trade that ruins millions of lives every year-especially in countries like Columbia!

However, it seems that fighting the drug barons, who are likely to let rip with a 'Kalashnikov' is not part of their brief. They seem much happier having meetings, sandwiches & drinks whilst picking on a health problem they can control from their desks! So, as far as the WHO are concerned the biggest single health problem, globally, can carry on regardless of consequence or cost (financially or human). What a double-dyed bunch of cretins, typical keyboard warriors!

Knowing that they cannot control Colombian drug barons, or such from any other country, the WHO have targeted another plant, a plant that is totally legal-tobacco.

Since Godber spouted his words of 'perceptions' and 'others' the WHO has carefully set about destroying the happiness of smokers who's prevalence was utmost in the 50's when it was said "For centuries tobacco has brought mankind peace and cheer. Now some scientists say smoking is dangerous. But are their findings conclusive? The answer is No"

However, as the years have rolled by, the anti tobacco movement has grown beyond expectations as the few have whipped the many into a frenzy by spreading lies, quite happily, about the death sentences imposed by the merest wisp of SHS.

Even the American Surgeon General got in on the act by declaring that 'smoking one cigarette can kill you', well so can one footstep if it is taken in front of a vehicle!

But this sort of idiotic statement is now par for the course as (on average) 75% of people don't smoke therefore is easy for powerful lobby groups (with an abundance of pharmaceutical money) to brainwash 10%-20% of these people to such an extent that they actually turn them against their fellow man because they smoke. It would seem that the WHO are not overly bothered about the fact that For centuries tobacco has brought mankind peace and cheer. In fact peace and cheer is not allowed for the 25% who choose to smoke! Drugs are rife on the streets of New York & London yet smoking a cigarette is prohibited where ever they can find a reason to prohibit - note Mayor Bloomberg's idiotic open air bans! The ex smoking anti smoker (not anti tobacco anymore) now declares that smokers can't smoke in the open air!

Australia is now on about banning smoking in apartment blocks because some people claim they can smell smoke as it drifts past their window-are they extraordinarily long nosed Pinocchio's? Do they not smell the awful stench of exhaust fumes more?

They also claim that SHS marches purposefully along ventilation shafts to enter their smokefree residence at will-yet cooking smells from the 'barbie' don't! The mentality is incredible and yet politicians take up the call and try to ban smoking where ever they think they can.

The WHO, with their FCTC have created not just a 'clean air' policy but a policy of hatred, for smokers are now openly abused both physically and mentally by a majority that don't smoke so obviously the WHO really don't care about peace and cheer for mankind. Remarkably, we pay these egotistical keyboard warriors US $30,672,454.00 per annum to relieve ourselves of peace and cheer!

Roger Daltrey sang:-
People try to put us d-down..... Just because we get around.....Things they do look awful c-c-cold ..... Hope I die before I get old
Amazingly true lyrics for who would want to live to be a hundred years old in a world where freedom is allowed-if it suits the pharmaceutical industry?

The song goes on:-
Why don't you all f-fade away .....And don't try to dig what we all s-s-say.....I'm not trying to cause a big s-s-sensation.....I'm just talkin''bout my g-g-g-generation
Indeed, it would be nice if the WHO did fade away and concentrate on the worlds drug problems & smelly water in under developed countries but they obviously baulk at the prospect of leaving their cushy desk jobs. Getting out in the real world where they could do some real good is seemingly beyond their remit, but winding people up and causing misery to millions is obviously well within their scope.

Out of the Who and the WHO, I know who I'd rather live/ die listening to!


The witch from Essex said...

The songs say it in a nutshell.

1997 Robbie Williams sang:
I hope I'm old before I die.

In 1965 The Who sang:
Hope I die before I get old.

I think that says it all really !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Handyman

If the WHO want to make their mark on this world then surely they would want to stamp out the illegal drugs trade that ruins millions of lives every year

One hopes you mean WHO does this by reversing the illegalisation of drugs. Illegalising tobacco would place it firmly in the camp of Kalashnikov-wielding drug barons. Those who demand the illegalisation of tobacco think that it ruins millions of lives, and they claim it ruins millions of lives of non-smokers from second hand smoke, so even more reason to illegalise tobacco.

Drug barons have powerful incentives to promote the illegalisation of tobacco to broaden their product range. Doubtless in order to make smuggling easier the active ingredients will have to be concentrated, then cut with fillers for final distribution.

Psst, want some crack nicotine?


National Smoking Day – 1 July

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