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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When... was simpler  and governments didn't make laws to change your lifestyle choice according to diktat! You were [then] able to make your own decisions as long as your decisions didn't impinge on others. You were respectful, you probably asked if you could smoke on their premises and you probably took their polite answer of no as a given and stood outside the back door for a puff, their house, their party, their rules, period! But now it appears to be mandatory and you are forced, by law, to stand out in all weathers to enjoy the relaxitive effect of a puff on a cigarette, parties are a stressful event, don't you know, you might meet your future wife/husband there.

I love a drink, oh boy do I love a drink, and when I do drink I love to have a bit of tobacco to enrich the experience and all is well with the world until...the next day!

I want to repeat yesterday's experience, and I do, but halfway through a little devil in my head says STOP, you are drinking too much! Well I shot the devil but he still gets into my head.

You have choices in this life, that's a fact, but do you really, really want governments to make your choices for you because you can't be arsed to make your own choices???

If you want someone to make choices for you then you are an atomaton, not worthy of human dialogue.

I leave you with one of my all time favourite singers, I love this guy:

Goodnight Dean.


Pat Nurse MA said...

That's amore!

TheBigYin said...

Hi Pat. I was moved to write the post after hearing some idiot on the TV saying that the government HAS to make laws to force people to do things as making decisions is difficult and we need a 'nudge' in the right direction etc, etc.

I find it hard to comprehend that there are many people out there that can't make their own decisions in life without governmental influence. One of my bro in laws is such a person.

Another bro in law came to visit from Bolton, of all places, (he thinks Nick Hogan is an idiot), and we went to Saltburn to visit another bro who is in a care home there. Afterwards we went down to the seaside to take in the air. I stood about twenty paces away from our party and lit up...

"I can smell tobacco smoke" he cried with much waving of hands. Then came the lecture about cancer etc, etc. WTF? I was in the open seaside air and a good distance from him! He used to smoke in his youth so that tells a story. He is near on 80 years old so wtf is he worried about when I light up?

Sorry about the rant, It's the first time I've went toe to toe with a rabid anti smoker.

Dean Martin smoking a ciggie in a tv studio...Health and safety would have a heart attack if that happened today.

Anonymous said...

Your bro in law sounds like a right old wanker.

NewsboyCap said...

Big Yin

Please don't tar us all from Bolton,I for one agree completely with your post.
And yes the man could sing...Proper.
Oh, and Pat @ 10:13,I'll be doing my best to be in Lincoln on 2nd July

TheBigYin said...

@anon 06:27:pm my bro in law is not a wanker, he was an insurance salesman that got to be the manager of the Bolton branch of his company! I was in awe of him and his intelect until, for near on 40 years, he started spouting the anti smoking mantra. Dont forget he used to smoke in his youth and gave it up, I have no problem with people who give up smoking, but they seem to have a problem with me. What's that all about?

TheBigYin said...


I would never 'tar' anyone or place with the same brush. I have been to Bolton a few times in my life and have only found good respective people. In fact everywhere I have went in my 58 years of life I only seek out those people that love life, warts and all.

As an aside to your comment my bro in laws come from a musical background and formed a band in the fifties called The Saul Brothers (no, they are not Jewish) and one of them, Malc Saul was the only one to acheive success when he joined up with Joe Loss and his orcharestra, sadly Malc died in a car crash in 1990.

All of them used to work in a smokey atmosphere and most of them have enjoyed a long life and the remainder come around to my home and say that Roy Castle was killed, nay, murdered by SHS?

Does no one have common sense these days??? Can no one wade through the lies to get to the truth?

Like anyone else I can be duped but come on!!!

NewsboyCap said...

Big Yin

Does no one have common sense these days??? Can no one wade through the lies to get to the truth?

No and No.

A mate of over 50 years, a smoker, agrees with the smoking ban ( it offends, it irritates, it smells).But moans about the number of pubs that have closed in the past 5 years, "its all down to cheap booze in supermarkets". Bollocks.

I think we've all been duped, Roy Castle, give us a break, please, a life long Cigar smoker he was.

w:v, ration, = common sense.

jredheadgirl said...

Well said John!

Pat Nurse MA said...

Newsboy Cap - fantastic. Can't wait to meet you and hopefully see a few faces but make yourself known to me or I won't know you.

As for the other comments here about TBY's bro in law - Only today a friend asked me if it was right that the passive smoking fraud is a scam because she's beating herself up for years smoking at home with kids about thinking she's doing them harm - despite no ill effects.

I put a few links to studies her way and she said she felt like a weight had lifted and she couldn't wait to tell as many people as she could about the Big Lie.

Those who are not part of our movement - or linked to what's going on via computer - have had four years to be thoroughly brow beaten and brainwashed and they've heard no dissent so it's no wonder they come down on the side of "normal" and distanced themselves from smokers and their own smoking.

And that, let's not forget, is exactly what the antis wanted. As another year, and another year, and another year go by with this ban, it will get worse until they get to the point where everyone accepts a ban in their own home to be "normal."

The fight to expose and turn around Denormalisation is as important as fighting and exposing the scam of SHS - one and other support each other.

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