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Friday, 6 May 2011

Down Down, Cleggeron Down....!

Not being a majorly political person you may be surprised at this blog from yours truly but what the hell, today is a great day for trumpeting-at last! The reason for this political blast, simple, the schoolboy has been soundly thrashed for his arrogance & impudence. I talk of Nick Clegg, the probable soon to be ex-leader of the condemned LibDems!

"Liberals have taken BIG knocks" he says. I say "you have been jack-hammered you turd!"

Just over a year ago he was invited (yes, invited) by Cameron (who had almost turned a landslide victory [20 point lead] into a fantastic defeat) to form a Coalition Government. The 'schoolboy in long trousers' had just had the best result he could ever have dreamt of and was enlisted as Deputy PM for his pains (should have remained as 'deputy dawg' really). I don't know just how far he hoped he could make his presence felt but within days he launched the now infamous 'tell us what Labour did wrong, for us to right' website.

Unsurprisingly, the smoking ban was way out in front of this list of grievances-as it should have been. In fact, more than 10,000 posts afforded Cleggeron every opportunity to see what had REALLY aggravated the people. All sorts of suggestions rained on the site, from the very sensible 'assassinate Blair/Brown/Arnott' to the equally sensible 'give licensees choice'. In fact, within those 10,000 + posts was the complete answer to the misery the Smoking Ban was heaping on this country!

Then HE spaketh unto his people:-

He said that "one of the principles of being a Liberal is, errrrrrrrm, in a sense, errrrrrrrrm allow people to do what they want as much as they can as long as long as it doesn't harm others-and smoking is one of those classic activities where it is not a harm free activity, it harms others around you".

In those 40 seconds of blustering his way out of any change to the smoking ban the Sheffield, Hallam consituent slaughtered any chance of respect he had from approx 15million smokers. You see it's not so much what this illiberal LibTwatDem said, but the hopeless way he said it! He sat there shaking his head as if there was absolutely nothing he could do about it when in actual fact (as stated) all the answers were on that website. For the sake of clarity let me elaborate:

Separate rooms for smokers/non smokers (signage to suit)

Licensees given the choice-smoking or non smoking (they know their own business best)

Staff/employees automatically had the same choice (no harping on about air conditions then)

Customers not obligated to enter either or both

Clubs to provide separate smoking rooms

Bingo Halls to be divided by giant perspex panels & ventilation

Restaurants to have choice, smoking or non smoking (though most people were quite happy for restaurants to be totally non smoking!)

Football Stadiums-well how the bloody hell can they be made smoke free?

That's how simple it really is Cleggeron-even a schoolboy in short trousers could work that one out yet you failed abysmally. You failed 15 million voters in those 40 seconds and now it has come back to bite you on the arse as even your own constituency has fallen to Labour-and they brought the bloody ban in you halfwit!

I have written to this junior politician, before & after his rapid elevation to power, yet have never received a reply from him regarding my concerns for the welfare of ALL the people of this country. He instigated the Great Reforms blog but ignored the most trumpeted of questions.

Cleggeron has championed the change in our voting system calling for and vehemently backing the Alternative Voting system which allows some idiot in 3rd/4th place to actually come out on top! (Must be thinking of himself again then!) It would seem that the AV vote is another cataclysmic disaster for our schoolboy in long trousers with 70% rejecting it in some parts of the country!

It is now abundantly clear, to even the 'dumbest blonde' that Mr 'plummy' sounding LibTwatDem Clegg has been offered the greatest opportunity of any 'office junior' and rejected it with great ease...for reasons known only to himself. OK, he thinks smoking is harmful to non smokers-segregate them then. Surely his advanced education at Westminster School, London taught him that choice is always available? By offering that most simplistic of solutions he would have endeared himself to at least 2/3rds of smokers. Added to that figure, the 'SILT' (schoolboy in long trousers) would have endeared himself to thousands of licensees & club owners who have suffered the brunt of the smokers wrath. 8,000 venues have gone to the wall, with another 2/3,000 guaranteed as Punch & Enterprise cull their portfolio's "to adapt to challenging times" (they don't tell you that they fully backed the smoking ban in the first place because they are too embarrassed!)

When you look at the possibilities that lay before the 'SILT' you have to be incredulous at the fact that he now has every chance of political obscurity.

Going for "AV" was just plain idiotic. It was motivated by greed, by the fact that he thought the LibTwatDems could pick up a bigger share of the seats-but then so could UKIP, Independents, the Green Party and even the BNP! It was a foolish move by one so privileged in education. I sincerely hope it is 'Cleggsters last stand' for to see anyone squander opportunities as this man has is criminal in itself!

He had the chance to fight the smokers corner (the self admitted 'puffer') but walked away from the opportunity to saddle himself with votes galore and ignored it. I have no sympathy for the LibTwatDem leader (maybe soon to be ex leader), for very few have such opportunity in life-certainly not the likes of us that live under such injustice!


Angry Exile said...

Be fair. Cleggie's got has bad points too.

Barking Spider said...

And come to think of it, wtf has happened to the rest of the long-awaited "Great Repeal Bill" - another pledge of the "new politics" gone by the wayside?

New Politics = Old Politics....... same shit, different arseholes!

TheBigYin said...

same shit, different arseholes!

I see you still have a way with words BS. Classic.

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