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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Last cigarette... airport charges smokers for that last minute drag

A final cigarette before that flight? It comes with a price tag at Belfast International Airport.
Smoking is a real drag at the airport where smokers must pay £1 to smoke a cigarette in a designated area. It is thought to be the first airport in the UK to introduce such a charge.
Smokers are asked to put a coin into a machine which opens doors to a special smoking area.
How much more can we unrepentant smokers take eh?


Angry Exile said...

Profiteering is at least an improvement on dehumanisation. Perhaps it might be a clue that allowing, oh I don't know, say some kind of drinking and socialising establishments, to welcome smokers and make it known to non-smokers that smoking will happen there, and to be able to make a quid off the smokers in the process, would be a good way of keeping the smoke away from people who don't like it. I was thinking we could call these places 'pubs'.

TheBigYin said...

A novel idea AE and you never know 'pubs' might catch on as a watering place eh.

They've just been on tv talking about the demise of the great british pub but they couldn't see the elephant in the room and blamed pricing etc.

sheila said...

but hopefully they,re going to get a lot of people telling them John via Comments on Last orders for pubs.

TheBigYin said...

Aye Sheila, I watched that this morning. The last caller mentioned the smoking ban...just before M Wright cut him off to go to a break.

Anonymous said...

The Tobacco Control parasites are everywhere, a purge is necessary.

Anonymous said...

They'll be taxing the air we breathe next.....oh wait....

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