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Monday, 9 May 2011

Guide on how to roll the perfect cigarette by…

…the BBC?
Yes it’s true folks, the erstwhile anti smoking BBC has landed itself in deep do do as the medical establishment sharpen their scalpels.
But first a disclaimer from the BBC:
This entry in no way wishes to endorse the smoking of tobacco. Having said that...
There are many ways of rolling a cigarette, but one rule of thumb is that the less paper involved in the construction, the better the taste. This method involves keeping the amount of paper to an absolute minimum.
  • Rolling papers - Rolling papers are made of rice or hemp fibre. Good brands are RizLa+ and Smoking Slim and they come in different thicknesses. (With RizLa+, blue is light, green is dark. They also do a brown liquorice paper.)
  • One normal filter paperstrip - If you travel to Amsterdam, you can buy these in pads of about 60 papers/small strips of card paper. If you can't get any, use any plain paper card (or of course, the cover of your rolling paper booklet) and tear or cut a strip of about 5cm long and 1cm wide.
  • Tobacco - Tobacco is, of course, essential for whichever type of cigarette you might wish to roll. Without tobacco, the exercise is pointless.
  • Dry hands - But not too dry…
At the end of this article the BBC thinks that smoking rollups are more debilitating than tailor made ciggies:
    'Wise-up to Roll-ups'
    It is worth noting that according to recent research there is emerging evidence that roll-ups may actually be more harmful and addicitive than manufactured cigarettes. The NHS has launched a 'Wise-up to Roll-ups' campaign in the South West of England targeting people who smoke roll-ups, providing factual information that debunks some of the myths associated with the smoking of hand-rolling tobacco.
    You can read the rest here if you want to learn to roll the perfect cigarette.
    Needless to say an eagle eyed anti smoking doctor took up the cudgels and started swinging at the hapless BBC:
    Senior doctors have accused the BBC of being "breathtakingly irresponsible" and damaging public health by advising readers on its website how to make roll-up cigarettes.
    Medical leaders have protested about an online article, entitled "how to roll a perfect cigarette" which they claim encourages smoking.
    Dr Gabriel Scally, regional director of public health for south-west England, came across the page when he was researching roll-up cigarettes for a local NHS anti-smoking campaign. He wrote to Mark Thompson, the BBC's director-general, saying: "By allowing this type of content to be carried under a BBC logo gives an implied level of legitimacy for what is effectively a 'How 2' guide to shortening your life and experiencing chronic, life-altering illness."
    Well the BBC are sticking to their guns and are NOT going to remove the article. Here Nick Reynolds, a social media executive at BBC Online retorted:
    […]the article would not be taken down. It is located on a part of the BBC website called H2G2, which is intended "to encourage the community to write about all aspects of human existence for a collaborative guide to life, the universe and everything" and the piece had been written by a member of the public, not a BBC journalist.
    "Because the articles are not produced by the BBC they are not subject to the rules around impartiality that would apply to our own output. Smoking is not illegal, H2G2 is not aimed at children and the piece carries a disclaimer which reads: 'This entry in no way wishes to endorse the smoking of tobacco'. For these reasons we do not accept that the article should be removed from H2G2," Reynolds added.
    I never thought I’d ever applaud the BBC but must say WELL SAID THAT MAN.
    If the BBC’s article still has you baffled on the art of rolling your own then here’s TheBigYin’s ‘must watch’ video on the subject. Enjoy.


    handymanphil said...

    Isn't it incredible that the first time the BBC exercises freedom of speech (so to speak) about that which is supposedly taboo, yet still a legal substance, some medical, holier than thou twat starts jumping up and down claiming the BBC are advocating death. It just proves that they are frightened to death themselves that anyone should make any sort of stand against them!
    Arseholes, the lot of them!

    TheBigYin said...

    Phil I've just watched the Wright Stuff where they were discussing this article. I didn't know that that article has been up for TEN YEARS now, now that surprised me.

    Two of the panel on TWS were smokers and the phone in's were all saying the BBC should NOT take it down. Of course one of the studio audience said it should as the BBC were peddling in death?!?

    These professional anti smoking bastards will leave no stone unturned.

    handymanphil said...

    Just had to!
    Dear Dr Scally,
    Could you please explain to me why you felt so aggrieved that someone had put "How to roll a perfect cigarette" on the BBC website when to smoke or not is a private freedom of choice? In no way were the BBC advocating an early demise, nor were they advocating smoking-God forbid the politically over correct BBC should ever do that! Quote:- "By allowing this type of content to be carried under a BBC logo gives an implied level of legitimacy for what is effectively a 'How 2' guide to shortening your life and experiencing chronic, life-altering illness."
    Do we now live in a country where freedom of choice, freedom of expression and our own individual human rights have been abolished? Do you and the rest of the medical profession now dictate our lives-and even our deaths?
    I suggest Dr Scally that if you are as deeply concerned about the rising costs to the NHS that you lobby Parliament to close the immigration doors immediately for the last time I went to a hospital there were a damn sight more immigrants there than born & bred British whites! Banging on about smokers and what they cost the NHS pales into insignificance when compared to the costs of treating our 'visiting friends' from all over the world who sonehow manage to stay here! Have you checked on the percentage of muslims unemployed in this country lately, or Somalians? They contribute nothing yet YOU want to penalise ordinary hard working British people for enjoying themselves with a form of relaxation that you don't adhere to!
    Aneurin Bevan created the NHS for ALL people you pompous ass, not just the ones you feel it is ethical to treat!
    Yours sincerely

    Anonymous said...

    "Aneurin Bevan created the NHS for ALL people you pompous ass, not just the ones you feel it is ethical to treat!"

    Brilliantly said handymanphil. I'm reminded of the camp doctors selecting people to go left or right at a certain famous train stop in Poland.

    Being a long time rolly smoker I watched the training vid posted here. WTF was that? Is that a rolly or a cigar? Did you see the pile of baccy left scattered on the table? I could roll 3 fags out of that spillage alone! Filters are also a must for the dedicated rolly fan. Let's see this 'rolly expert' slapping one together huddled out of the rain in a doorway in Manchester with a stiff breeze to make things interesting. hahaha

    TheBigYin said...

    I smoke rollies myself anon@11:55 and use tips always. I roll by hand and find no problem with doing so unless the tobacco I'm using is a bit on the dry side. I also smoke a pipe when sat outside in this nice weather, making as much smoke as I possibly can to annoy some halfwit that may think they are hard done by having to sit next to smokers outside. You do know they (anti smokers) want the outside too when its a nice day, don't you?

    Angry Exile said...

    Oh for Christ's sake, it's only bloody H2G2, not Self righteous prick.

    Dick Puddlecote said...

    I remember Scally has shown his crashingly poor intellect somewhere before, but haven't time to look for it.

    This is an very positive development. All those quoted are getting an almighty kicking in the Guardian comments, it's a hilarious own goal.

    Anti-smoker stock is plummeting every time they open their increasingly hysterical gobs. :)

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