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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Truth and consequence

Has he been reading Freedom2Choose's newsletters?

In this video an anti smoker says bars will adapt to the smoking ban...where have I heard that before?

Hat tip to both Smoking out the Truth and Pro-Choice smoking doctor.


Anonymous said...

I heard smokers say that they don't mind the smoking ban in pubs, but were horified when I told them that countries like Australia. USA and Canada have now banned smoking in parks and on beeches.
They didn't know that the smoking ban in pubs was just the start.

Anonymous said...

And on all sidewalks in front of all buildings, including pubs, restaurants and cafes, is it banned. Also in parks, you can't smoke outdoors in parks. What, and people still refuse to believe it?

TheBigYin said...

But you can still smoke in your own homes...gulp!

Anonymous said...

Only if you own your own home.

TheBigYin said...

Third hand smoke has no barriers anon, ownership rights mean nothing, nada!

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