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Thursday, 26 May 2011


By Brenda Orsler

Smoking ban arguments flare in committee hearing.

For industrial purposes
Storax Sedan was a shallow underground nuclear test conducted in Area 10 of Yucca Flat at the Nevada National Security Site on 6 July 1962 as part of Operation Plowshare, a program to investigate the use of nuclear weapons for mining, cratering, and other civilian purposes. The radioactive fallout from the test contaminated more US residents than any other nuclear test, and the Sedan Crater is the largest man-made crater in the United States, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


For war purposes
The Nevada Test Site lies northwest of Las Vegas where the U.S. conducted the majority of its nuclear weapons tests during the Cold War. From its founding in 1951 until the final Divider test in 1992, over 900 atomic explosions were detonated in this desert. In the 1950s, atomic tests were conducted above ground and resulted in devastating health effects to the "Downwinders" northeast of the site in Nevada and Utah.


For NO purpose
Nevada’s smoking laws “protect children and adults from secondhand smoke in most public places and indoor places of employment.” The Act took effect on December 8, 2006.


No protection for these individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Radio activity from all global surface and air bursts would have been spread far and wide. Tobacco has been a very convenient scapegoat these last 60 odd years.

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