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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nick Hogan hounded at election count

Hero Hogan
The man is recovering from a stroke and yet they still hound him for daring to flout the smoking ban:
A FORMER Bolton pub landlord was handed a court warrant by police as he waited to hear if he had been elected.
 Officers entered the election count at Chorley Town Hall last Friday afternoon as Nick Hogan observed counting for Parish Council elections in which he was standing.
So what heinous crime did Nick perform to warrant Thames Valley police to send officers way way up  north to humiliate him in front of his supporters and onlookers?
He was not arrested but missed the remainder of the count and the result as he was in discussions with officers about the alleged offence, believed to involve a summons for speeding. […]
[…]The interruption to the election count was made in full view of candidates, vote tellers, council staff and the press.  (My emphasis)
This is nothing but shear spite.
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Anonymous said...

Pure spite and vindictiveness is the only way to describe it. It clearly demonstrates the vile, prideful, arrogant and hateful spirit from which anti-smoking is derived. Anti-smoking is the promotion of evil as if good and thus a falsehood at the root.

Smoking Hot said...

“Warrants like this need to be delivered in person and as we knew Mr Hogan would be at the count we decided to issue it there.”

Yes Mr Plod, l'm sure he's there everyday of the year/ Oh silly me, Nick's got a pub to run so he's there everyday!

Paul said...

Yes, it does come across as needlessly vindictive.

It could have been done any day of the week. I'm sure he's busy looking after his pub and could deal with the police there.

I live not so far from Chorley. I must pop in and see the pub sometime. :)

DerekP said...

This story was reported earlier, with a photo showing three police officers.

Anonymous said...

Well done John on the changes made
to this website. Brilliant I have to say !!!!!!!

TheBigYin said...

Well done John on the changes made
to this website. Brilliant I have to say !!!!!!!

Thank you for saying so anon, I've still got a bit of tinkering around the edges to do but in the main I'm satisfied with the new look.

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