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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Which Country Is This?

By Colin Grainger

This is simply too good not to copy in full and reproduce here.

(Hat tip to Mr Old Holborn. Link to his blog below.)

Ballot Boxes are interfered with

Voting registers go missing

The Police can kill innocent people and get away with it

You can be put in prison for 42 days on pure suspicion

You can be put in prison indefinitely on the word of a politician

The State can torture people

Your children are monitored at School by Political Officers

Their behaviour is logged on a State database for their entire lives

Your innocent fingerprints, iris scans and biometrics are held by the State

You do not have the right to remain silent

You are watched on 4 million CCTV cameras

You may not photograph the Police

The media is controlled by the State

You do not have the right to protest peacefully

Curfews exist for entire communities

Your travel movements are logged and monitored

Who you vote for is logged and monitored

Your shopping habits are studied and logged by the State

Your emails and telephone conversations are recorded by the State

Your passport can be withdrawn at the whim of the State

Government agencies can use lie detector tests on you.

Your choices are:

a) Russia

b) Cuba

c) Zimbabwe

d) United Kingdom

Clue: Mr Mevdevedeved, Mr Castrol GTX, and Unkie Bobby Mugabe are out of the running on this one....

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John watson said...

"Geheimestaatspolizei, papiren bitte' or secret state police papers please, how many brave men, women and children died to prevent these words in our country? for what? so that our own politicians can impose them on us. I think not, I believe a silent majority think the same way. We are a free people paid for with the blood and sacrifice of generations past and today as on October 21st 1805 England expects this day that every man will do his duty.

If you want your freedom back tell your MP make him or her earn their salary as your representative.

helend498 said...

When it's put like this with all the abuses listed together, one can't help but wonder what has become of our country.

A police state definitely springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Stasi, KGB, Gestapo, ZANU-PF, BOSS (SA Security Branch - Apartheid era)
A George Orwell scenario - "1984", using the threat of war and terror to control a populace.
When will MI5 etc, be renamed to the "Ministry of Love". NuLabour (INGSOC) loves to use Newspeak...

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