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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pubs Punished By HMG

By Colin Grainger

In an expected move, Chancellor (Chancer) Darling raises the tax on alcohol.

Expected by everyone, apart from the pub industry, that is, judging by their outrage. After all, they mounted several campaigns, got MPs signed up to it left and right, they protested, they collected signatures, and even some cross-party support was bragged about.

All to no avail.

Freedom to Choose learnt some time ago that Labour. Isn't. Listening.

This is a government, when rocked by expense claim scandals, proudly announces that it is scrapping a £24,000 annual allowance and is replacing it with a brand new £25,000 annual allowance!

What did the hospitality industry really expect from these gibbons?

Pubs will die by the score from tonight onwards until we restore common sense and install a government that knows what it is doing. This one clearly does not. It flounders from one failure to the next without a hint of embarrassment or shame.

The pub industry is its own worst enemy of course.

I wonder if this latest bombshell will unite them in a way that the just-as-ridiculous smoker ban did not?

Just for the record, Mr & Mrs Licensee, the price increase doesn't bother me. Fight to get your smokers back inside and I will gladly pay your prices.

But, for the love of all things holy, do something.

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