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Thursday, 23 April 2009


By John Watson

It is well known that the anti-smoking lobby will not publicly debate the smoking ban. I have an interesting question for them:

What are you hiding?

It is a long held military concept that the commander who chooses the time, the place and the grounds for his battle will win. For the most part it is true.

ASH, CRUK and the BHF believe they have won their war, that they have no need to debate, that they can stomp all over Joe Q Public with impunity just as Hitler and his NAZIS did over 60 years ago.

From the start of their campaign of terror, for terrorism is what it is, why else would they terrorise our children with adverts convincing them that their loved ones will drop dead from smoking or drinking or obesity, they have refused to debate the issue. What are they afraid of?

The Anti smoking lobby claim that the above groups are not fit parents, and as a direct result, there are fewer foster placements for children who desperately need them, hospitals betray the concept by which the NHS was founded, free treatment for all at point of contact by publicly stating they will deny a section of the public treatment or even free access to the hospital grounds! Pubs closing with landlords who dare to defy the ban receiving sentences that far outstrip fraudsters, thieves – even wife beaters get preferential treatment. Is that justice?

Have you ever wondered how someone can be responsible for someone else’s actions whether they are there or not? That is what the Health Act (2006) expects of landlords!

Then of course we have their ‘scientific’ evidence or lack thereof. I am not a science orientated person, but I am not stupid, and even I can see some of the glaring anomalies in their 'scientific' studies. There are others who revel in data, studies etc., who would be delighted to debate the finer points with these people, if your science is perfect why not come out and prove it in public debate?

They leave debate to underlings, the posters who rally to the anti-smoking banner by posting bile and insults, who in their zealous fashion make the Nazis' and Communists look tame. What does this say about their unwillingness to debate?

No they have not won their war, far from it, as long as one person believes in freedom and are willing to fight for it then they have lost. As long as they refuse to prove their case in debate with their peers they have lost. You – every one of you – are their peers, and I know a significant number of you disagree with what they are doing.

Having now expressed my personal point of view I now take the opportunity to invite ASH, CRUK and BHF to a public debate with Freedom 2 Choose on the issues involved in the smoking ban, with members of the public entitled to ask questions of both sides.

If amenable please contact our office, who will forward any proposal to our executive officers for their consideration.


Anonymous said...

ASH Carry on lying , carry on deceiving,
carry on misleading,run to your Pharisees.
bring your temple guards. BUT REMEMBER


Anonymous said...

"It is a long held military concept that the commander who chooses the time, the place and the grounds for his battle will win. For the most part it is true." Unquote.

I agree with the above quote, however the worst thing a commander fears is Guerilla warfare especially if those involved are assisted by "Special Forces".

This is the situation that the Anti-Smoking lobby find themselves in. Over many years they built their army of fanatical supporters unbenown to the ordinary citizens of this country, and at the chosen time launched their offensive.

The Public and Politicians were easily routed by the fanatical hordes of this well trained army and weakly submitted to their Ideology.

As time passed, the citizens realised the pernicious, repressive and authoritarian nature of the new regime and began to resist.

It took time but the increasing number of restrictions forced on the citizens made them miserable, destroyed their community and finally led to anger. The regime's ongoing success was it's worst enemy and the "resistance" was formed to fight them.

Citizens from all parts of the community, with a diverse range of skills, formed "Special Forces " units to take the fight to the enemy at times and places where they least expected it. The training of these units included Intelligence, Surveillance,Planning, Tactics, and Psychological Warfare.

Since deployment these "Special Forces" together with the growing number of resistance fighters have caused panic in the ranks of the Anti-Smoking regime. They are being attacked on all fronts, are unable to justify their propaganda, and resort to increasingly ridiculous misinformation to deceive the citizens in an attempt to keep control.

Their regime is now crumbling and the day will come soon when the people of this country will have the freedom of choice once again.

Officer Commanding
Special Forces

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