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Monday, 27 April 2009

Gestapo Tactics - Coming to a City Centre near you!

We have often said here at Freedom To Choose, even before the alarmist health freaks bent the ear of our Government into bringing in the most draconian smoker ban law, "who's next!"

In these days of financial self harm by our government you would have thought small startup businesses would be welcome with open arms by local councils! Not if that business sells fast food apparently.

In a bid to save the children from themselves the London Borough of Waltham Forest sent in the heavy mob to close down the newly opened Bamboo Joint takeaway in Leytonstone.

Using anti terrorist style tactics the council were well prepared to save us all, especially the kiddies, from... Jerk Chicken?:

"The hit squad had prepared their raid long in advance.

At 10am eight police officers, some in anti-stab vests, joined three council employees on the doorstep of the Bamboo Joint takeaway.

Their mission? To stamp out the practice of selling jerk chicken within 400 metres of a secondary school."

Eh, jerk chicken? Surely it must have been a Jamaican Yardie plot to rob the afluent schoolchildren of their hard earned dinner money?

"Yesterday, the Jamaican cafe in Leytonstone, East London, became the first takeaway in the country to be given a closure order under guidelines banning the sale of fast food near educational establishments.

Its owners were given three days to shut up shop."

So no Yardie plot then as they were given three days to go. Fries with that officer?

"The action is intended to combat child obesity by reducing the number of shops selling unhealthy fast food near schools and parks."

Oh parks as well, where next for exclusion zones for takaways, swimming pools?

"They were informed by Waltham Forest Council that their small premises, on a busy high street, was not only within 400 metres of a secondary school but also within 200 metres of a primary school and 100 metres from a public park."

Must have been a brain teaser for their man from the council to work that lot out, maybe he asked his kid who goes to the nearby infants school to help him with his homework.

"Co-owner Maureen Farrell, who opened the Bamboo Joint six weeks ago, said she felt she was being victimised by a council which was acting 'completely over the top'."

Victimised, too true luv, err, (can't say luv these days) sorry, Ms Farrell, which makes me wonder what the socio-racial mix of Jamaicans or West Indians in your area is?

Ms Farrell went on:

"They just arrived here this morning and told us they were shutting us down. It looks like we are terrorists or something. 'But all we are doing is selling good food. It's not even unhealthy. We sell Jamaican-style rice and peas, and jerk chicken.

'It is not greasy stuff. And we hardly have any schoolchildren in here at all.'

Your food is terrific Maureen, it's the council that ARE greasy [Jerks!]

"The bylaw was introduced by Labour-dominated Waltham Forest in March."
A bylaw they are proud of, according to their website.

Ah, NuZanu Party of GB, might have guessed really.

"The fast food ban has not been adopted nationwide but its progress is being monitored by other local authorities who could copy it."

As usuall, if one council in this great country of ours takes us closer to an Orwellian nightmare then the other councils, and eventually Herr government, are 'watching it closely to see if they can improve on the nightmare.'

Why were the police involved at all? We could ask them...

"The Metropolitan Police was unable to explain why it had such a strong presence in the raid."

Well that's all righty then. Maybe they've caught swine fever, addles the brains somewhat.


Dick Puddlecote said...

"They were informed by Waltham Forest Council that their small premises, on a busy high street, was not only within 400 metres of a secondary school...Err, no it wasn't. I checked.Yet putting the postcodes into reveals that Tom Hood is 593 metres as the crow flies, and Mayville Primary 537 metres.... but also within 200 metres of a primary school ...Err, no it wasn't, I checked that too. The nearest was over 200m away.

... and 100 metres from a public park."Err, so what?

If I were the business owner, I'd sue. And I reckon I'd win too.

but also within 200 metres of a primary school and 100 metres from a public park."

TheBigYin said...

Thanks for the update Dick, you've showd me the the power of research, and how to acheive it in this respect. I am grateful.

TheBigYin said...

Oops, I meant 'shown.' There's no such word as showd, is there? lol. I rushed the last comment out.

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