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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Not Only But Also

By Colin Grainger

Ten days ago we shared a report with you on the utter uselessness of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) treatments.

We explained that the new study, by scientists in the employ of Big Pharma, concluded that NRT was only successful 1.6% of the time. Lovely bit of spin there. Inverting the numbers reveals a crime of global proportions. They continue to steal money off people, good people, who they have bullied and coerced into quitting, knowing that their product fails 98.4% of the time. This is not big, and it's not clever. I truly hope someone reports them to the Trading Standards office, without delay. It's time these thieves were locked up, and forced to repay the hundreds of millions of people who bought their crap in good faith.

Today's news is rather more startling.

The scientists, not content with proving to us all how useless this garbage is, have now released a study saying that these treatments contribute towards oral cancers.

Not only is it crap, it can also kill you as well. Or, at the very best (worst?), it merely causes your face to fall off.

Reports like this hate sunlight. Big Pharma stock will plummet as a result and we rejoice. At least something good will come out of all this. Big Pharma absolutely hate us for sharing these stories with you.

Which means, of course, that we will keep on doing just that.

ASH, also known as the Marketing Division of Nicorette, should be shunned for the snake-oil salespeople that they are. Barely a newspaper in which they appear fails to mention NRT. ASH will attempt to tell you that they receive no funding from Big Pharma. The actual wording they should use is "We get no direct funding from Big Pharma". The money they do get comes from CRUK (Cancer Research UK) or the BHF (British Heart Foundation), both of whom DO receive Big Pharma funding. They merely rinse the cash and wing some to ASH. It is no cleaner having been laundered by these other two outfits.

We have no love for Big Pharma. (You may have spotted that). But we equally have no love for Big Tobacco either. They are as spineless as the government. No other industry would turn its back on 12 million regular customers, so they get no back-slapping from us.

Our independence is unbelievably valuable. We will not taint that independence by cheering for one side or the other. They both suck, in our considered opinion.

Anyhoo, I've meandered, and I apologise for that.

Whatever else you glean from this piece, remember two things:

1. NRT is garbage. It fails 98.4% of its users.

2. It could well give you oral cancer.

Don't buy it, and warn as many people as you can that it is useless and dangerous.

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1 comment:

helend498 said...

It's not the first and I'm sure it won't be the last time that ASH have been found out for peddling death.

ASH are fanatical freaks (masquerading as a health charity) and do not care how many people will be harmed or slaughtered as a result of their lobbying and techniques. They just want their own way and at any cost to human life.

The route of prohibition is not the way, as all the history books tell us.

Don't wait until someone you know dies as a result of their peddling. This needs to stop now.

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