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Thursday, 23 April 2009

ASH. Whining. Again.

By Colin Grainger

Want to learn Ashenese?

Read on.

Po-faced fanatical anti-smoker Deborah Arnott bleats today that the 2009 Budget rise of 2% on tobacco is too low.

"It won't stop people smoking", she shrieks.

It wasn't meant to, you gormless mare.

The UK is skint. Broke. Penniless. Bankrupt.

The government needs money like a drowning man needs air. The 2% tax increase has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with raising money. Between now and 2010 we smokers, and the drinkers, will raise £6 billion thanks to this additional, and unnecessary increase.. I'll be doing my bit for the nation. What about you?

What will you, or your faux charity, contribute?

Absolutely nothing. As usual. ASH is, by its very nature, parasitical.

You then continue to moan about smuggling. You say that the government must do more to stem the flow of illegal tobacco coming in to the UK. You really should try a smoke, love. It does wonders for cognitive thinking. I am going to type the next sentence slowly, and one word at a time, so that you can understand the relationship between taxes and smuggling.


High. Tobacco. Taxation. Equals. Increased. Smuggling.

Got it?

No, I thought not.

Here's an example. In the Slovak Republic, a packet of twenty cigarettes costs £1.30p. Smuggling is almost unheard of. (I went in search of news reports concerning smuggling and failed to turn up a single story).

In the UK, however, a packet of twenty cigarettes costs £5.78p. Losses to the Inland Revenue are estimated between £1.7 billion and £3.1 billion every year. Chuck in some cross-border shopping and the number rockets to £4.2 billion. We could sorely use this money right now.

So, as well as the unwanted, unasked for, and unwarranted interference in our lives, you want to destroy the country as well?

Bloody marvelous. Just how do you sleep at night?

You and the freaks you work with have already destroyed 4,000 pubs, clubs and bingo halls.

You and the freaks you work with have put 100,000 good people on the dole.

You and the freaks you work with cost every man and woman in the country an additional £350 per year to enforce and maintain this farcical ban which has only INCREASED the number of smokers. Not quite the result you were baying for, was it?

Well done. You lied at every turn. This spineless government, no amateurs at lying themselves, believed every poisonous word you uttered into their empty heads. And why wouldn't they believe you? They pay you £600,000 a year to tell them what to think.

One way or another, there will be a day of reckoning. It does not bode well for thee.

It will be nasty.

But then again, you deserve it.

NB. I see the link has gone missing. If you need to see the shrieking in print, you will need to google the article from within the Health Service Journal.

Or, was it something I said? I truly hope so. They (ASH) are like this on radio shows too. The minute we use logic and science, they run away.


Thanks to Chas, we now have a link to Debbies coven-mate in Scotland. Same crap, different wifey.

Link To Story>>


Anonymous said...

Any tax exempt political action committees that calls themselves "charities" that, instead of EDUCATING are now LEGISLATING, by spending huge sums of money to hire lobbyists and lawyers to make laws using GESTAPO tactics using LAW ENFORCEMENT, THREATS, INTIMIDITATION, , and SNITCHING to FORCE people to OBEY their guidelines will get NO DONATIONS from me, Contributions to PACs are NOT tax deductable. All my donations are going to local events and groups that depend on local businesses and bingo halls, that the bans are affecting, for their support, Here are the groups taking that money away from them, all fed by big pharma through their Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. "Thank you American Cancer Society. We never knew all you do".

helend498 said...

Anon - same here.
I am extremely choosy now with which charities I support and with which products I purchase.

There is no way that I would knowingly give to any of these fake charities anymore.

These fanatics at ASH and their poodles in the government have wrecked our country, not only economically, but also our communities and social lives.

I've noticed that ASH go running for cover as well when challenged by anyone other than their puppet-masters.

They have been exposed anyway for what they are now. More and more everyday realise how they've been duped - MPs included.

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